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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Jan 16, 2024 by MargaretWilkins


I love ons, but she has gotten kinda annoying 馃檭
Sent by ahea7561,Jan 16, 2024
ahea7561 i kinda stopped liking her when she basically said she should have won wimbledon (that losing to vondrousova was her biggest shame, or w/e)... like babe, how about make it past the first round this year.
Sent by MargaretWilkins,Jan 16, 2024
MargaretWilkins no literally just stop crying! She hasn鈥檛 been the same since. And like sweetie you鈥檙e only good on grass it鈥檚 fine that鈥檚 life
Sent by ahea7561,Jan 16, 2024

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