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just binge watched survivor 36 Aug 3, 2019
and tbh as much as i hated dom he deserved the win he played a better game than wendell...and im not saying wendell didnt deserve it but he wasnt as social as dom idk i just felt dom was built  since episode 1 to win..
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hi Jul 28, 2019
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wasup vro Mar 20, 2019
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hi Mar 7, 2019
give me my mod powers back pls...
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yuh Mar 7, 2019
imagei feel i only log in here just because i don't have anyone to talk to irl lol
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my ex Mar 5, 2019
she found someone to threaten to shoot me and i found who that is lol
i told my ex i would beat his ass if i see him
now he has blocked me on every social media lol
he is 35 btw :D and im 21
so dont mess with mee :PPPP
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