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This is my farewell-for-now blog :)

May 20, 2011 by MannyJo
Need a break from Tengaged for a bit..

I've reached my goal of Black Level, and when my current castings finishes I'll be at 400 Karma or very close to it, and I've gotten closer to some great people on this site..

but i really have no problem taking a step away for a bit and experiencing real life (and summer!!)

:) for me that also means no skype as well (sorry guys) because it's too closely related to tengaged. Might only be gone for a few weeks, or maybe more, who knows??

And save some of that drama for when I get back ;)

<333 you all :)


Goodluck with everything <3
Sent by EmmaLynn,May 20, 2011
Don't Leave!!!!
Sent by tomhartnell,May 20, 2011
awww Manny :(  I'm gonna miss you! Have a great summer :) ily <333
Sent by Jenika,May 21, 2011
i'll miss you. have fun sweetie and i'll see ya when you get back <333
Sent by LarissaFL,May 21, 2011
Awwww ima miss you <3
Sent by vockle9,May 21, 2011
Have a great break
Sent by vockle9,May 21, 2011
I'm going to miss you :(
Sent by JesseM,May 21, 2011
Ugh all my best friends are leaving me :( I'll miss u babe! Have a good summer and don't stay away too long. <3
Sent by amylou8251,May 21, 2011
bye manny :(
Sent by Survivor8,May 21, 2011
Awwww damn!!
Hope u have fun bitch
Sent by Paintball,May 21, 2011

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