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okay seriously? who the fuck keeps negging

May 13, 2011 by MannyJo
all my blogs?

if i've ever done anything to you, tell me, i have no problem with making amends, but whichever tv star, silver lvl and dark green lvls are having a party negging my blogs, please stop. i'm a nice person and I dont neg other people..


<3 +15
Sent by ZEEnon,May 13, 2011
aw youre so nice :( you shouldnt be getting negged
Sent by Jennifer101,May 13, 2011
Sent by bunnycat,May 13, 2011
^^^^ thanks guys :)

and negged again, -12. seriously?
Sent by MannyJo,May 13, 2011
Sent by vockle9,May 13, 2011
Jk obv
Sent by vockle9,May 13, 2011
+10 whoever it is SUCKS
Sent by LarissaFL,May 13, 2011

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