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☆ PYN ☆

1stJun 4, 2017 by ManniBoi
For A Brutally Honest Opinion! I Wont Hold Back At All!

#BengalBoy - ur hot but your a douchebag and way to cocky!
#cococolin122 - love your sense of humor and can take jokes but u still look like a foot!
#con66 - idk u but your obviously a hater, negging me in castings.
#fritocrunchmeupfam - idk u but looking at your blogs i would say ur white trash.
#steven999 - ur extra and always looking for attention!
#dabaebae - i have no idea who you are sorry :(
#DakotaCoons - Thristy ASF! #Thristy
#LeahBel - umm arent you grounded from tengaged? ps you and neathery are cute together.
#willie_ - youre a mini ahmed, and he aint shit!
#chillum -
#tpidude73 - love of my life! ❤️
#Cornelia - i see i around but we never exchanged words soo i cant say anything.
#Hisoka - you aint shit either bye
#_Aria - idk uu but i love Tinashee
#chibideidara - edgardo, i miss you! sadly you hang with trash.
#mexus - tB to you pretending to be straight but kept flirting with my boyfriend Dan! I enjoy talking to you thoo
#scooby0000 - youre kinda of a nerd for posting about tdi 24/7
#nikotime - u seem mad, what's wrong?
#iYBF - ur too young to be this hot! other than that youre pretty bland person.
#jogon - joeee i miss you!!! I lovee your dog too! Actually i would rather hangout with her than you!
#marwane - ur part of the in crowd but the ugly friend of the group x_x
#icebeast - my asian persuasion ❤️
#2388 - u try way to hard to fit in
#oliviaxoxo - stuck up asf
#emmett4 - idk u but i know ur part of the African American coalition to be racist and claim victim afterwards.
#neathery - oatmeal & baby wipes! does it really make you feel better to eat oatmeal thoo?
#pizzawithcookirs - honestly everytime i look at ur username i hate u a lil bit more! Like really!!!
#macken - McChicken ❤️ I miss you trick! but u only hit me up when u want gift bich!
#Emotion - idk u but ur not very liked so i dont think i like u either!
#ghrocky100 - i find you very butchy, like a hardcore lesbian but i think ur a guy?
#bluejay7622 - ur a bitchh for making joseline quit! You aint shit
#katarinaducouteau - #thristy #genderfaker i think u dated maturo? cute couple
#kaylabby - my boo ❤️ I love you so much! stop being a hoe thoo lolol jk :*
#littlebrother123 - idek what you look like but i have and odd crush on you :( im ashamed, stop being a man whore!
#eliserose - i miss our chat and exchanging sex stories with you! also, why are you attracted to fuck boys?
#underwzc - party of 8 vetoes! I love u for bullying Val cus she aint shit!
#Jgoodies - i remember u being ultra popular when i was a noob now ur just washed up
rizzo - #drama
arris - closeted gay!
brandonpinzu - hmm youre like tengaged royalty (not a compliment).
XxLoveWakizaxX - you aint shit for always coming for me in frookies! Lool idk u!
maxi1234 - umm i know u by reputation #powerbottom and apparently the buggest gay on tg.
koolness234 - yessssss! your twerk video made me fall in love with you!!!!!
nebula - isnt thirteen ur brother? If so, i dont like you!!
maturo - you aint shit!! but I still love you buddy. loving how we are starting to get close, youre an awesome funny guy!
brandt69 - King! I miss out 15' skype calls! Im also glad you toned down the fagness tbh!
delete2544 - i always see you blogging about retardation but we havent really spoken soo yeah.
crimsonennui - so ur obsessed with tdi which makes me think ur a nerd but you won me over when you called that thing "cococobitch"
Dane_Williams - dreamiest eyes ive ever seen ❤️
NotAfraid - Gabbie i dont think ur stuck up anymore but now kinda of a slut x_x which i can relate too.
c00ldude1000 - my first stars ally! youre like 9 thoo, isnt it past your bed time?
CalebDaBoss - ummmmmmmm
semajdude - the biggest slut on tengaged, you have spread your legs across every game. SMH!
Piddu - I confuse you with petro''s bitchass, but I think youre cooler than him.!
2Beastly - grats on stars, oh and whose the guy the was on your poll box the first time you were up for elimination ? he was soooo hottttttttttttttt!!!!
GrrrImABear - your username is such a turnon tbh, but idk you at all.
amf7410 - I remember you from group games back in the day, but other than that you aint shit tbh
rawr25 - umm serious question, do you have your own brain? or does Jenzie control it?
deshonBANNEDISBACK - DESHONNNNN! I miss you trick! youre really funny and entertaining to talk to, hope all is well!
Steel - Dave, you aint shit, get over your ex, your hot and cant get plenty of hoes!
KingTrav - you aint shit! you always come for me, when I come for fatass ida cus she aint shit either.
Aj1111 - idk u, but you aint shit either.
Druhhbby2 - Alex, youre a t-slut, but I appreciate that you don't give a fuck! also love talking to you and your kids are adorable!
AlaskanFireDragon - Mark, you aint shit! but I find you so hot, sadly I don't have 600 dollars to spend on your faggot ass! 
captainzacsparrow - idk uu but you blog way to much hun, settle down!
Robbster1313 - idk u but you like Davonne and she aint shit, so I don't care much for you ! sorry.
kyoot - mi amorcito <3. my little PuertoRican Pecan, I love talking to you and youre so funny, I just hate how big of a PUTO you are!!!!!!
garrievans97 - a flop! but youre a cutie, you still aint shit thoo..


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Me (dont be scared to mention my beauty)
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Bring it
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I'm so offended. I don't like attention
Sent by Steven999,Jun 4, 2017
I don't know u but me so I get tagged
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Me! +
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LOL that made me laugh
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m e
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I am ready for this to be like XD IDK YA XD
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Gabbie :)
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u rly got bengal good
me plz
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why not
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