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  1. The blogs page is a mess this morning
  2. I need advice ;(
  3. Guys I actually need advice
  4. Why are real girls attacked sm on TG?
  5. Question
  6. Ask me questions
  7. I’m going to be doing a vlog soon
  8. Ok if you say
  9. Me when Memphis says goddess
  10. I’m dead @
  11. Why on earth
  12. Rose Mulet transgender???
  13. Glad to see you keep to your word!
  14. How much would this account be worth?
  15. Guys
  16. No title
  17. Does anyone have the file for
  18. Can you make a TG account
  19. Username ideas?
  20. Can you transfer your own ts
  21. What’s a current fashion fad?
  22. My biggest pet peeve
  23. ELLEN IS 60
  24. What are these lips called?
  25. People are so quick
  26. Yeah I smell good
  27. Who’s multi is this
  28. Can people who don’t have friends
  29. If I were you I’d do me too
  30. Boys must drink semen
  31. Me when
  32. What qualifies you as a design whore?
  33. Alex Aiono is so sexy
  34. Does anyone else listen to
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  36. So grateful
  37. Did anyone else notice
  38. Putting deodorant on
  39. How do you pronounce “avi”
  40. Juicy truth or dare questions?

LOL people on imgur hate me

Feb 8, 2018 by MamaBel
Cuz I post my design PNGs so I can just share my profile to people who need PNGs
They down vote me so hard but like there’s literally 200 posts every min, you’re not gonna even see it in 30 sec sit down

They’ll upvote the dumbest shit like a dime but they can’t let me live my life lmfao


LOL make them unlisted
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 8, 2018
bengalboy like make them hidden?
Sent by MamaBel,Feb 8, 2018
that is so rude of them! You seem so sweet :)
Sent by FifaLover,Feb 8, 2018
mamabel yeah so people just see it if they have the link
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 8, 2018
bengalboy yeah that’s what I was doing but I have a lot so it gets annoying sending each individual album so I wanted to just share my profile
fifalover <3
Sent by MamaBel,Feb 8, 2018

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