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I need advice ;(vote Feb 22, 2018
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Guys I actually need advicevote Feb 22, 2018
There’s this guy Ik and he’s always had a crush on me. About a year ago he started saying really sexual and explicit things to me. I kind of stopped talking to him but I recently started attending the school he goes to again. Me and him were still friends at that time. When I came back to my school, he apparently told his friends he was “going to try to get me” but I had told him about how I have a bf and stuff. Recently on his snap story he posted a picture that said “If you can guess one of these questions I’ll give you the password to my account. There were questions like birthday and LOML and stuff and one question said nickname. As a joke I responded “nickname= Arash on my ass” (that’s his name) because our old friend used to call him that. He then called me a skank, whore, desperate bitch and then didn’t respond to my messages. I confronted him today and he laughed at me and called me pathetic and a whore and my friend who was there said nothing. I don’t act like a skank at all, I think he’s just embarrassed that I’ve never liked him. He literally thinks he’s the coolest shit when 2 years ago he was the nerdiest, most perverted little fucker ever. What should I do?? Ik his mom and dads fb. I kinda wanna message them but idk. Not in a tattle tailing way just like as a message not to fuck with me. I’m not the kinda person who lets people walk all over me but I feel like I dont have any power in this situation and I hate it

Edit: he’s 17 and had sex with a 12 year old btw
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Why are real girls attacked sm on TG?vote Feb 22, 2018
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Question Feb 22, 2018
Why does memphis_grizzlies stay on this site? Like
He doesn’t really play games, he plays like 3 every 1 or 2 months, he doesn’t really care for designs. He obviously doesn’t stay here for friends since he doesn’t really have any. The only thing he really does is go on this site to blog about how much trump is an idiot or how politically correct he is. And the thing is, no one likes him. Like not even the LIBERALS like him cuz he’s just way too extreme. So why do you stay here Memphis? Serious question.
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Ask me questions Feb 22, 2018
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I’m going to be doing a vlog soon Feb 22, 2018
Where I’m going to be exposing 3 fake “friends” and I wanted to do a personal Q and A bit at the end. I mostly air all my dirty laundry on this site so if you have any personal questions for me aka LeahBel then comment or mail them to me. The vlog will be made when ever I have the chance (whenever I’m home alone). I want as many questions as possible!
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