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Stars is so insanevote Dec 6, 2021
I'm a set just because I tried to be loyal
Points: 47 2 comments
No kiddingvote Dec 6, 2021
Kim Kardashian is white?
Points: 90 6 comments
Ariana Grande is Asian vote Dec 6, 2021
imageShe likes kpop
Points: 47 1 comments
I think Maxi1234 is the only Rita Ora fanvote Dec 6, 2021
Points: 73 2 comments
[PIC] My fav Asian singer 😍vote Dec 6, 2021
Points: 72 4 comments
Vou fazer o primeiro vlog em librasvote Dec 6, 2021
Do .com quando eu for pro paredão
Points: 51 5 comments