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Birthday/5 Year Tengaged Anniversary

19thJun 12, 2019 by Magix
I am officially 17 today (FEEL OLD) This is also the day that at the age of 12 I joined the site.It's been an actual shit show on this site. However I have a few memories I want to share.

Thirteen ~ At the age of 13 telling me he would murder me and stick dead rats in my bed.
Sk8erGal ~ *shakes tits*
AkeriaChanel ~ being my homeslice.
abrogated ~ dragging me to pieces

I would also like to give a quick Birthday Shoutout to CrimsonEnnui. You seem like a great person Lee and I hope that we can get to know each other! Happy Birthday love!

It's been such a long ride with so many ups and downs, from me winning games and meeting new friends to people threatening my mother, I am beyond grateful to each and everyone of you for helping me grow as a person.

To people who don't like me, know what I say isn't intentional nor meant to be taken serious.

CalebDaBoss ~ half my family is of color and I absolutely love people of color and nobody should be discriminated against for things they can't control.

Girllover101 ~ I wouldn't ever leak your nudes, I know we love to bully each other and some of my "jokes" you to take to heart, but don't. I am just messing around. I am not homophobic nor racist.

AntonB ~ I couldn't give a shit about you getting me out in fastings. I just mess with you, and I hope you don't take that personally. I thought you knew but I guess you were dead serious.

TaraG ~ idk who tf you are but I hope you know everything I said to and about you was a JOKE. To anyone who believed ANYTHING I SAID about TARA know it was NOT TRUE. I do feel bad for picking on you for no reason and I hope you can forgive me as that wasn't acceptable of me especially when since literally 2015 you have been nothing but kind to me.

These sites are some of the most toxic environments on the internet, yet they are also some of the best websites to develop yourself as a person. People really can push your buttons and get on your nerves and fast but sometimes you just need to learn to ignore people and take a step back. I have also learned to love myself.

Black.White.Gay.Straight.Old.Young.Fat.Skinny. I don't care who you are. We are united due to our love of Reality Television and the more we clique off, the more tension is created which creates more drama. No matter if you life a person or not. Treat EVERYONE with respect. You truly don't have any idea what anybody on this site is going through. So just try putting yourself in their shoes.

From the bottom of my heart, these past five years have had some of the best and worst days of my life, but I am truly blessed to say I have learned and grown from all of them. I am eternally grateful for the lessons I have been taught, the people I have met and the friendships I have both made and lost.

Thank you randomize for this website. No matter how much I shit on you for not ever changing jack shit, the fact you created a site over ten years ago, that is still thriving, is impressive in its self and know that I am grateful for all you do.

In conclusion, once again I would like to say Thank YOU to everyone over these past years and Happy Birthday to ME! :3

I love each and everyone of you guys and I hope you all have a FANTASTIC DAY. Nothing but love to all of you


Omg happy birthday <333
Sent by Jacko308,Jun 12, 2019
Jacko308 OMG ty king
Sent by Magix,Jun 12, 2019
happy birthday sexy c:
Sent by Sk8erGal,Jun 12, 2019
Thank u <3 happy birthday
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Jun 12, 2019
Happy Birthday. Genuinely hope you enjoy your day!
Sent by AntonB,Jun 12, 2019
Happy birthday queen
Sent by AkeriaChanel,Jun 12, 2019

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