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  1. just gonna say
  2. it's not even the first day of my holiday
  3. I'm such a beautiful human being c:
  4. it's my birthday
  5. Post your snapchats
  6. Going for a shop and need spammers!
  7. Please read and share!
  8. Who wants to do a Stars assessment
  9. Who wants to do a Stars assessment
  11. Does anybody know where I can find
  12. Why the fuck would you vote to
  13. Please get Steph out
  14. Who is getting chanted out on bbuk?
  15. do you think crime is increasing or decreasing
  16. I'm in love
  17. They played Bleeding Love
  18. happy birthday to our bountiful
  19. Somebody re-do this
  20. Unfilter me for a min
  21. For every +25
  22. Most iconic vlog
  23. Who wants to do a Stars assessment
  24. Who wants to do a Stars assessment
  25. Stars support
  26. Who is joining Stars
  27. Kyle's fav
  28. Who is getting chanted out on bbuk?
  29. Thank you so much!
  30. Who wants to play weakest link via skype
  31. Does anyone wanna play skype weakest link?
  32. Somebody gift me now
  33. PYN for an average rating
  34. PYN for a rating
  35. PYN for an average rating
  37. PYN
  38. I really hope Tiffany
  40. Our theme tune #2

ImGonnaWin is the filth of tg

Jan 28, 2014 by MagicDuck
He actually thinks his points are valid? pmsl. You need to accept the fact that your 'rehearsal' clothing resembles a tramp. You personally insulted me, so don't be shocked that you're getting hate. You were a sheep to a fake person (#Swaggy), that kind of sums you up. Try and talk answer once you've cleaned the grease out of your hair... with that amount I'm sure you could fry some chips as well.


Sent by Shonaynay,Jan 28, 2014
I don't like swaggy for suspicious reasons.... but I like ImGonnaWin... we don't really talk though.
Sent by Courtney_,Jan 28, 2014
Sent by Etienne,Jan 29, 2014
a sheep to me? are you ok MagicDuck?
Sent by Swaggy,Feb 2, 2014

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