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Survivor 40 Ep3 Ranking

Feb 27, 2020 by Macda27
This is hands down an incredible season. I love like 12-15 of the winners at this point and could think 10 of them could win.

Let’s begin, also I won’t be having reasoning because it takes too long.

(No airtime)
20th: Nick
19th: Kim
18th: Wendell
17th: Sophie
16th: Danni
15th: Amber
14th: Tyson
13th: Adam
12th: Ben
11th: Denise
10th: Ethan
9th: Parvati
8th: Sandra
7th: Yul
6th: Natalie
5th: Rob
4th: Sarah
3rd: Tony
2nd: Jeremy
1st: Michele

ALSO: This is just my opinion based on their status in the game, airtime, entertaining and how impactful they were in the episode.

#survivor #casting


Sent by lliiaamm,Feb 27, 2020
lliiaamm Ik babe she went from filler to mom status.
Sent by Macda27,Feb 27, 2020

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