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MDR Brandtsteele All-Stars 1 Results (2/2)

Feb 24, 2020 by Macda27
Baga Chipz Dylangover1 (Season 1, 2nd)
Markieshia Piesyumyyumypies (Season 1, 4th)
Brittany Quinn 13bam (Season 1, 5th)
Joey Santolini Jassos4 (Season 2, 2nd)
Cara Nanas FireX (Season 2, 3rd)
Duck My Sick jfaia (Season 2, 6th)
Miss Tenderloin Symmetry888 (Season 3, 2nd)
Pickle CORNACIA (Season 3, 3rd)
Giggles Demgirl6 (Season 3, 9th)
Coral Line Mitchkid64 (Season 4, 3rd)
Mulan Monroe aria_grande (Season 4, 5th)
Who? Turkeylover (Season 4, 8th)

This is BY FAR my favourite season ever. The F4 all had interesting “story arcs” and the Battle of the Seasons, also Cara Nanas as their third season and the two returnees. This was lots of fun. THE FINAL TWO holy shit they had a 0.8 difference!

At the Final Four I made a “Lip-sync for the crown” scenario. The “Semi-Finals” I just counted as a competitive episode and the finale not. The winner of All-Stars has the best PPE Score of all time, as they were in the Top 2 9/14 episodes!

I can talk about this for a few more paragraphs but I’ll leave this here for the comments, I’d love to discuss!

The ALL STAR season:



Who? Was robbed
Sent by turkeylover,Feb 24, 2020
OMG I won!!!!!!!
Sent by 13bam,Feb 24, 2020
I was robbed
Sent by aria_grande,Feb 24, 2020
not miss tenderloin leaving and then coming back immediately
Sent by Symmetry888,Feb 24, 2020

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