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Survivor 40 Ep1 Ranking

Feb 19, 2020 by Macda27
Decided to make a ranking of the cast each episode and name my fave moments:

20. Amber (I wanted her to be the first boot out of anyone)
19. Michelle (Barely any airtime, is in a bad place)
18. Natalie (Sad for her to be the first boot but enjoyed her)
17. Jeremy (Not in a good position atm)
16. Adam (His alliance with Denise makes him a target)
15. Denise (Hopefully she can slip under the radar)
14. Kim (Close to being voted out, in a bad position)
13. Tyson (Was able to flip and join the right alliance for his survival)
12. Danni (Fourth in command, I don’t see her winning at all)
11. Ben (In a good position but for how long?)
10. Tony (In a good position but he needs to chill more)
9. Nick (UTR, but is a threat for being young and most recent winner)
8. Sarah (Also in a good position, more UTR than Tony)
7. Ethan (He’s third in command in Rob’s alliance)
6. Wendell (In a good position with Yul)
5. Sophie (I don’t see her going home anytime soon)
4. Parvati (Shes a big threat but in a good position)
3. Yul (Definitely one of the best survivor players to play and is in a good alliance)
2. Sandra (Her gameplay is better than last time and she got that idol)
1. Rob (Definitely in the best position right now)

I’m VERY excited for this season, I see this season being Top 3 seasons ever. I’d like any of the Top 4 of my list to win tbqh.

#casting #survivor


Negged. Your hatred for amber disgusts me
Sent by RoseMaria,Feb 19, 2020
Plussed even though Yul should be 1st
Sent by aria_grande,Feb 19, 2020

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