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MDR Brandtsteele S2 Results (2/2)

Feb 10, 2020 by Macda27
Plastique Tiara Jameslu
Kayla Roxx CalebDaBoss
Roxy Romanova InternetError
Lady Maga AkeriaChanel
Duck My Sick jfaia
Dorca EmzThorne
Joey Santolini Jassos4
That One Queen turkeylover
Hildegard Gerflerken Zuelke
Aimee Bee Amnesia_
Bam Yes-Ma’am Mitchkid64
Cara Nanas FireX

This season definitely has its fair share of stars. From lip-sync assassin Kayla Roxx to the multiple people that earned a higher PPE than the winner, and ofc the winner, runner-ups and Miss Congeniality!

Season 3 apps are available, comment and plus to show your support!

The Season:



Wow love my mediocre run.
Sent by turkeylover,Feb 10, 2020
Come through Miss C :D
Sent by jfaia,Feb 11, 2020

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