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The Chronicles Of Stakewood Season 1 Episode 2

Oct 3, 2019 by Macda27

VAMPIRE 🧛🏻‍♂️:

Charles Stakewood #Macda27 AGE 35/140
Theo Stakewood tizian  AGE 34/87
Amelia Stakewood #tizian  AGE 33/84
Davian Stakewood Paralox  AGE 28/83
Colin Stakewood ColinCoco  AGE 20/40
Aphrodite Stakewood tashi  AGE 19/38
Andrew “Andy” Stakewood #turkeylover  AGE 16/32
Madison Stakewood #Macda27  AGE 7/14

Family Tree:


Dexter Wolftail #tizian  AGE 46
Amelia Wolftail #Macda27 AGE 44
Dimitri Wolftail #Macda27  AGE 40
Jeremiah Wolftail #Novamax243  AGE 23
Emmanuel Wolftail #Macda27  AGE 20
Nevada Wolftail RightToCensor  AGE 19
Marcus Wolftail #Paralox  AGE 14
Levi Wolftail Novamax243  AGE 0

Family Tree:

WITCH 🧙‍♂️:

Emerald Caster #Macda27  AGE 45
Link Caster #Macda27  AGE 45
Bobby Caster/Alex Jefferson ybbob AGE 27/22
Cassandra Caster Katherinee_  AGE 23
Susan Carrington DevinB  AGE 22
Ordelia Caster Zuelke  AGE 18
Janelle Adams turkeylover  AGE 17
Anaya Adams #turkeylover  AGE 17

Family Tree:

SIREN 🧜‍♀️:

Eve Fishmonger #Macda27  AGE 48
Brooke Fishmonger Kelly2722  AGE 22
Chloe Fishmonger #Katherinee_  AGE 18
Asiya Merfins purplebb4  AGE 44
Florence Merfins tkoj555  AGE 17

Family Tree:

HUMAN 👱‍♂️:

Elaine Rogers #Novamax243  AGE 56
Sys Systrix  AGE 18
Xoclin Campbell #ColinCoco  AGE 19
Gabriel Echo Varlto  AGE 16




*A small yacht sails out in the Chesapeake Bay, where a group of friends are partying*

*A college jock is chugging a beer as three of his friends chant “Chug”*


*The jock wipes his mouth*



Jess: “YEAH!”

*Jess looks to the other side of the yacht to see Sys sitting, facing the ocean, listening to music with headphones in*

Jess: “Why is Sys not partying?”

Zack: “She wanted it to just be me and her. I don’t know why, this is way more fun!”

*Jess looks at Brad, who’s staring towards land*

Brad: “Can you hear that. It’s so beautiful”

Jess: “Uh, no sorry”

*Brad dives into the water*

Jess: “BRAD!”

*Zack and Trevor walk over*

Trevor: “AW SICK!”

*Jess feels uneasy, Sys has no idea anything is happening*

Zack: “Watch out bro”

*Zack does a backflip into the water. Zack’s head is out of the water, but Brad is missing*


Trevor: “ME NEXT!”

Jess: “Wait where did Brad go?”

*Trevor doesn’t listen and dive bombs into the water*

Jess: “I’m not kidding around, where is Brad!”

Trevor: “I can’t see him”

Zack: “Wait!”

*Jess and Trevor stop talking*

Zack: “Woah, you hear that?”

Jess: “Uh, no?”

Trevor: “No bro”

Zack: “That shit is so beautiful!”

Trevor: “What the fuck are you talking about?”

*Zack goes underwater*

Jess: “Trevor, watch where he goes”

Trevor: “Yeah sure”

*Trevor puts his head underwater. Down below he sees Zack, but something is holding him down. A hand has his ankle. Zack’s struggling to free himself*


Jess: “What?”

*Trevor puts his head underwater. The creature opens its mouth to reveal many needle-like teeth. It chomps on Zack’s calf and blood rises to the top*


*Trevor tries to swim away but something pulls him under. Oxygen bubbles pop at surface and everything turns quiet*



Jess: “Holy fuck!”

*Jess is shocked*


*Suddenly something fills Jess’ ears. Not physically. Spiritually. Like a wave of love and ecstasy suddenly hits Jess. Jess can hear a song*

Jess: “Woah! That’s....beautiful!”

*Sys takes her headphones out*

Sys: “Jess, where’s the guys?”

*Jess takes a long pause*

Jess: “They’re gone Sys. Can you hear the music?”

Sys: “Jess what the fuck, are you on acid?”

Jess: “It sounds so good”

*Jess walks up to the edge of the boat and dives in*

*Jess doesn’t resurface*




*Charles Stakewood is sitting on his bed. He was staring at his deceased wife’s photo, her name was Judith Stakewood*

Charles: “I miss you honey. Everyday. I wish I could be in your arms again*


*The Stakewood Manor looked new. The Manor was only just completely finished*

*At nighttime, Charles and Judith has just put Theo and Davian to bed. Charles looks in the mirror, his blonde hair and 

when a window smashes*


*Charles and Judith were scared for their lives. Had the town of Willowdale found out about their secret*

Judith: “What’s happening dear?”

Charles: “I’m unsure. I don’t recognise their voices”

*Charles holds a small kitchen knife and exits through the front door*

Charles: “Who is it?”

*Charles sees a man standing outside the gates. Charles smells him, he’s not human*

Charles: “Who are you and what do you want?”

Edward: “My name is Edward Wolfsbane. I’ve heard around town that you are the current reigning Master Vampire”

Charles: “You’ve heard right”

*Charles is uneasy. Edward seems dangerous*

Edward: You don’t know me, but I’ve heard of you. With me are my two sons. We know that the house you’re in you helped build, you have a wife and two sons just like myself, and you are all vampires.

*Charles starts to feel threatened*

Charles: “Leave me and my family alone, we’ve done no harm towards you”

Edward: “Perhaps not, but you are the Master Vampire. You are singlehandedly one of the strongest inhumans in America, if not the world. I’m glad to of met you briefly before I kill you”

Charles: “You can’t kill me”

Edward: “Physically, perhaps. Mentally, I’m about to. My two incredibly strong werewolf sons are about to”

*Suddenly Charles bears Judith scream from inside the house. Edward uses his werewolf’s enhanced agility and climbs over the iron gage and starts to charge at Charles*

*Charles’ fangs are shown and he puts his hands into fists*

*Edward turns into a wolf before Charles’ eyes and Edward lunges at Charles*

*Charles is tackled onto the ground. Edward holds Charles on the ground and bites Charles’ chest. Charles screams at the pain of the wolf’s fangs pierce his skin*

*Charles uses his knees to knee the wolf in the stomach. The wolf makes a wincing sound before rolling over and letting Charles go. Charles takes his knife and stabs the wolf in the neck before running inside*

Theo: “MOMMY!”

*Theo and Davian are holding each other as they see two teenage boys shapeshifter into werewolves. They scream out as their transformation isn’t as smooth as their fathers*

Judith: “GET BACK!”

*Judith hides her sons in the bedroom closet and locks it, sliding the key under the closet door for them to hold*

*The two adolescent wolfs both run at Judith*


*Charles runs into the room, where Judith lays, her intestines lay on the floor with a dead wolf and a bed leg is pierced her heart. The second wolf has led a bloody trail when it fled the room*

Charles: “JUDITH!”

*Theo bangs on the door crying out, a key slides from under the door*

Theo: “Daddy?”

*Charles drops to his knees, tears streaming from his eyes. He lets out a loud scream that’s filled of hurt*

Theo: “Daddy where is mommy?”

*Charles holds Judith’s head and hugs tightly. She feels colder than usual. Judith’s mouth has a tiny trail of blood that slowly travels down her cheek. Charles focuses on Judith’s beauty of her face than the horror of her exposed entrails. Charles cried. They had loved each other for longer than most marriages. Charles was broken. He felt lost. His own children pounding on the closet door to be freed was drowned out by his mind and crying. Charles’ mouth and throat was dry and tense*

Charles: “This is all my fault. I’m so sorry”


*Charles walks over to the window, where a grave lies*:




*In a beach house near the bay, Eve Fishmonger and her two daughters live their life almost as normal as they can. Sirens, creatures similar to mermaids but not as beautiful. They are the most distant of the Inhuman families in Willowdale, only attending to certain events. Sirens are an endangered species, only a few living Siren families are still alive*

*Eve is reading a book in the front porch, the rocking chair she sits on softly cradles her as she invests herself into the imagination of her book. A warm gentle breeze creates a lullaby of the wind chime. It’s a warm and calm morning.

*Chloe, the youngest daughter of Eve, is listening to music and studying. Chloe was up all night texting her friends, mainly the Caster twins Anaya and Janelle*

*Brooke is making fish tacos in the white and sky blue coloured kitchen, fish tacos are ironic for a inhuman with the ability to communicate with fish themselves, but her aunt and cousin are visiting*

Brooke: “Mom, what time did you say Aunt Asiya will arrive?”

Eve: “Around lunchtime I believe”

*Brooke turned the fish meat over, it was slightly burnt*

Brooke: “Damn it!”

*Chloe walks in the kitchen*

Chloe: “What’s wrong?”

Brooke: “I burned the fish”

Chloe: “Why are you so stressed, you look so tense”

Brooke: “I haven’t seen them since I was younger than you. I want them to be proud”

Chloe: “Okay then”

*Brooke took a deep breath, then looked at her pearl ring. She wished Emmanuel could be with her right now*

Chloe: “I’m almost late for school, save a plate for me, they look good”

*Chloe walked out of the house and gave a wave goodbye to her mother before making her trek to school. Eve smiled, she was relaxed*


Elaine is sitting in her leather chair, as the school’s Guidance Counsler. A plaque on her table reads “Elaine Rogers”. Elaine is busy scribbling down the words that her patient, Sys Wentworth says.

Sys: “I just wanted to have a nice day, just me and Zack, my boyfriend”

Elaine: “Tell me about what happened”

Sys: “That’s the thing, I wasn’t paying attention while everything was happening. After a few minutes of listening to music by myself while the rest were partying, I only saw Jess. Jess was just acting really weird”

Elaine: “Sys, you aren’t giving me much to go off of. Are you sure you didn’t see anything?”

Sys: “I swear! I turned around to only see Jess. Jess looked like she was on some drug, although me and my friends weren’t. Jess dives into the water and she doesn’t come back to the surface. I wait for over five minutes and then bring the boat back to the docks and call the police. That is the honest truth!”

Eliane: “I wasn’t saying you were Sys. I’m just trying to piece together what was happening. Was there any blood on the boat?”

Sys: “No”

*Sys felt awkward and uncomfortable. She knew deep down talking will help her but reliving it feels weird. Sys herself never saw any of her friends injured*

Eliane: “Okay. You have been very helpful and asking for help is the bravest thing you could do. It’s almost lunchtime, our session is over, but please come back again”

Sys: “Thank you, it means a lot”

*Sys leaves the Counsler’s Office and see’s her closest friends, Chloe Fishmonger, Ordelia Caster, Janelle Caster and Anaya Caster*

Chloe: “How are you feeling?”

Anaya: “I hope you’re okay!”

*Chloe, Ordelia and Anaya give Sys a hug, Janelle is standing by them with her arms crossed*

Anaya: “Janelle join in the hug!”

Janelle: No you’re my sister and you annoy me

*Anaya is offended by Janelle’s bluntness, but she’s use to it*

Sys: “I’m okay, it’s just a lot to take in”

Janelle: “I’m sure you’ve taken a lot of things in Sys”

Ordelia: “Jan stop being a cunt”

Janelle: “Odelia don’t call me Jan I’m not 80”

Chloe: “Lets just have lunch”

*Chloe, Ordelia, Sys and Anaya hold hands as they walk to the cafeteria, with Janelle trailing behind*


Waves crashed softly as Eve finishes the chapter of her book and bookmarks it.

Eve: “Brooke. They should be here at any moment!”

Brooke: “Okay mom!”

*Suddenly the tide started to rise and waves crashed like loud clapping*

Asiya: “Eve? Is that you!”

*Eve turns to see Asiya and her daughter Florence at the bottom of the steps. Eve didn’t hear them walk up the driveway whatsoever*

Eve: Asiya? You look so different!

*Eve and Asiya embraced. This is the first time in years they have spoken to one another, ever since their parents were both murdered, Asiya and Florence fled the state to protect themselves*

*Asiya looked different than the last time they met. Eve’s blonde ponytail and Aisha’s damp, mattered and non-styled black hair made the sisters look like they aren’t related*

Asiya: “I’m so glad to see you again, you remember my daughter Florence?”

Florence: “Hi”

*Florence looked sweet, unlike her mother*

Eve: “Of course I do, but you’ve grown so much! Brooke made some lovely fish tacos for lunch”

Asiya: “Oh yum! Haven’t had that in a while”

Florence: “Mostly just fish by itself”

*Eve laughed, Sirens can eat any food they wish, seafood raw or cooked. It’s easier to eat raw fish but cooking and preparing dishes without the bones and guts is a form of politeness, especially when guests are over*


*Eve, Brooke, Asiya and Florence are sitting around the table enjoying their tacos. Eve and Brooke eat their taco’s a lot quieter and savouring their meal, whereas Asiya and Florence are almost scoffing their tacos down, almost as they haven’t eaten in days*


*A siren reaches the surface and watches as Sys drives off, filled of anxiety and confusion*

*Another siren also reaches the surface, a red area of blood surrounds the pair as they lick their lips*

Florence: “Human taste delicious, it’s a shame there was a witness”

Asiya: “Forget about that bitch, she couldn’t of seen us. Water’s too murky”

*Asiya grins at Florence, showing her bloodied need-like teeth as the mother and daughter swim to land*


*Its near the end of last period and a teacher is talking about a subject that most students have paid no attention to, except for the ones who care about their grades. Andy Stakewood is staring at another teenager in class while at his desk, a guy named Gabriel Echo*

Teacher: *Boring words*

*Andy Stakewood has never really had a crush on a person, or what that even meant. Being an inhuman, all relationships are chosen by the parents. Brooke Fishmonger and Emmanuel Wolftail are an arranged marriage, although they have a year to bond and get to know one another before the actual wedding ceremony. Andy never wanted to marry anyone. Andy never found females attractive in the way that Emmanuel did*

Teacher: *Boring words*

*Andy stared at Gabriel. He didn’t know much about Gabriel, he was mysterious and had only been to this school for a week. Andy felt like he had a connection with Gabriel that he couldn’t explain*

*The class bell rung, and everyone started packing their books into their school bag. Gabriel turned to reach for his bag on the ground, and saw Andy state at him. Gabriel formed a quick smile before unlocking eye contact. Andy wish Gabriel would look at himself for longer*

???: “Hey!”

*Andy jolted and saw Gabriel standing beside Andy, who hadn’t packed his books away*

Andy: “Oh, hey!”

*Gabriel smiled*

Gabriel: “Are you planning on leaving your desk?”

*Gabriel chuckled, and Andy realised he hadn’t packed his books away while everyone else was leaving*

Andy: “Oh, stupid me”

Gabriel: “No you’re not stupid. Andy right?”

*Andy almost started to blush, Gabriel knew his name*

Andy: “Yeah, and you’re Gabriel I believe?”

*Andy pretended as if he had no clue who he was*

Gabriel: “We should hang out tomorrow, to be honest I don’t have any friends here”

Andy: “That’s sounds great!”

*Gabriel started scribbling something on a piece of paper, and slid it towards Andy. It was his phone number*

Andy: “Thanks, and yeah of course!”

*Gabriel smiled once again before walking out towards the hallway*

*Andy has never understood what crushes were or what it felt like*

*Until now*


*Madison was outside of the iron fence that divided the Stakewood family and the rest of society. The iron fence was there to protect them from attacks but also to protect humans. Madison had dug a small hole in the ground in between the fence, so she could crawl under*

*Madison giggled, she had never gone outside of the iron fence before, unless she had a parent with her. Madison’s pigtails and soulless brown eyes made her seem cute, but also creepy*

*Madison saw a rabbit. It was an injured leg and was limping*

Madison: “Aw, poor Mr. Rabbit!”

*Madison ran over and picked up the rabbit gently. The rabbit appeared sad. It was sniffing Madison. Madison noticed it was white with black spots on the back of it’s head. The rabbit was gentle and seemed to nudge Madison slightly, almost like how a cat nudges someone*

Madison: “You’re so pretty Mr. Rabbit”

*The rabbit kept sniffing Madison. It felt safe. Madison was happy*

*Then she remembered the other night. How her uncle Davian Stakewood let her drink human blood. Madison could picture the warm red blood as she gulped it hungrily. How that blood tasted. How much she loved the taste of blood*

*Madison looked at the rabbit. It was happy and sniffed Madison. She couldn’t help herself. She was starving for more*

Madison: “I’m sorry”

*Madison’s eyes turned teary as she exposed her fangs and bit on the rabbit’s neck. Madison immediately started to sip the rabbit’s blood. It tasted beautiful. It made her feel powerful, like she could fly like Superman or breathe fire like a fierce, mighty dragon*

*The rabbit started squealing in pain. Madison started to cry and she continued. The primal side of Madison took over as the innocent side of Madison cried*

*After a minute, Madison looked at the rabbit. It was dying, the rabbit was twitching and looked nauseous. Madison got on her knees and placed the rabbit on the ground. Madison licked her red stained fingers*

*Madison’s morals came back to her as she began to big a small hole once again, but this time, it was for Mr. Rabbit*

*After laying Mr. Rabbit’s body down, a tiny rabbit hopped far in the distance, it was sniffing the air. It’s white body with black spots on it’s back stood out to Madison. She realised she had just killed that baby rabbit’s parent*

*Madison cried and crawled back under the fence, went inside and washed her hands*

???: “Where have you been?”

*Madison spun around to see her mother, Amelia Stakewood*

Madison: “Playing outside”

*Amelia was watching Madison as she was crawling under the fence. Amelia didn’t want to interrogate her daughter, rather keep a close watch on her*


*In a mansion in the wealthy part of Willowdale, a family of witches lives. The Caster’s, a mostly female family. The witches of America are all part of the original Spellbrooke family, Emerald Caster, the owner of the mansion, is the daughter of Diamond and Hex Spellbrooke*

*Emerald is sitting in the dining table alongside most of her children, Susan, Ordelia, Janelle and Anaya. Emerald is holding a small knife out in front of her*

Emerald: “Remember, remember to concentrate. This could be the matter of life or death if you don’t get this correct”

*Emerald holds out her hand and makes a small slice across her palm, blood begins to exit her open cut*

Janelle: “Please just keep bleeding. Nothing will give me greater joy”

*Emerald shoots an angry look at her rogue daughter, then places the blade on the table and puts her hands together, covering the cut. Blood is starting to trail onto the table but a placed sheet of newspaper prevents the blood staining the table. Emerald focuses on her hands, and then opens her hands, to see that the cut has fully closed over with no scarring*

Anaya: “Wow that’s impressive!”

Ordelia: “Awesome. Let me try!”

Emerald: “Careful! You need to make sure you focus”

Susan: “I’ll laugh if you can’t get it right!”

Janelle: “Amen”

*Emerald looks at her four daughters. Anaya and Janelle are almost opposites, the yin and yang, together they could be powerful witches by balancing each other out. Ordelia has some maturing to do. Susan is impressive but her attitude could seal her fate if she isn’t careful. Emerald knows how hard a witches life is in comparison to a humans. Weak and untaught witches are the most useless inhuman of them all, whereas Elder witches or well taught and powerful witches are almost as strong as the Master Vampire*

*Ordelia slices her hand slightly and winces at the pain*

Susan: “Don’t cut too deep, how else are you going to give your teachers handjobs to pass the semesters?”


*Emerald, who had just wiped her bloodied hands with a tissue, raises her arm towards Susan. Suddenly Susan’s mouth disappears and Susan can only make muffled screams. Anaya, Ordelia and Janelle are shocked at how angry their mother is*

Emerald: “I’m trying to teach!”

*Ordelia’s hand is starting to drip blood*

Emerald: “Will you behave Susan?”

*Susan nods her head*

*Emerald raises her hand towards Susan and her mouth appears. Susan feels with her hands all her mouth parts are still there*

Emerald: “Now, Ordelia. Focus”

*Ordelia is too shocked at Susan’s mouth disappearing to focus on her hand*

Ordelia: “Oh, right”

*Ordelia covers her hands and thinks hard. Ordelia opens her hands and the wound is covered up*

Emerald: “Good job Ordelia!”


*Aphrodite Stakewood and Jeremiah Wolftail are at a cafe, enjoying an afternoon meal*

Jeremiah: “Are you sure this is a good idea, we can’t be seen together”

Aphrodite: “I know, but I think we should treat ourselves for once”

Jeremiah: “Okay. I mean it is hard keeping us a secret”

*Jeremiah looks around the cafe, he only sees a few couples eating, a family of four and a man sitting alone reading the newspaper*

Jeremiah: “Would you want something to drink? Wine?”

*Aphrodite smiles, but she knows she can’t, so Aphrodite holds Jeremiah’s hand*

Aphrodite: “Jere-bear. I can’t”

Jeremiah: “We always drink just the two of us, why would you not want to have a single glass of wine?”

*Aphrodite doesn’t respond, just stares into his eyes. Aphrodite watches as his eyes widen and he looks excited*

Jeremiah: “Wait a second...are you-“

Aphrodite: “I am”

*Aphrodite places a hand below her stomach*

Jeremiah: “I-“

*Aphrodite and Jeremiah hold each other’s hands tightly and Jeremiah starts to tear up*

Aphrodite: “What are we going to do?”

Jeremiah: “I want us to try keep the baby”

Aphrodite: “We have to figure a way, there’s gotta be a way for us. As a family”

*Across the room, the man with the newspaper folds the newspaper in half, revealing to be Davian Stakewood, who just heard Aphrodite and Jeremiah’s conversation*



Thoughts on the episode?:
Thoughts on the Sirens and Witches?:
Any new favourite characters?:
Which scene was your favourite?:
Characters/Storyline’s you enjoy/hate?:
Who will be the villain of Season 1?:

#Stakewood #casting


(If you’d like to be tagged as a reader let me know!)
Sent by Macda27,Oct 3, 2019
Thoughts on the episode?: I loved it! All My Characters got screentime so yay!
Thoughts on the Sirens and Witches?: I love the witches and the sirens were good
Any new favourite characters?: Janelle and Anaya
Which scene was your favourite?: Andy getting a crush on Gabriel
Characters/Storyline’s you enjoy/hate?: I love Andy's crush on Gabriel and I like the evil siren storyline.
Who will be the villain of Season 1?: Idk but I can't wait to see! :)
Sent by turkeylover,Oct 3, 2019
Favorite characters : Andy and Gabriel <3
#1 fav scene - Andy and Gabriel
#2 - 1869 Stakewoods
#3 - Madison with the bunny </3

Madison is gonna be the villain you love!
Sent by TaraG,Oct 3, 2019
Thoughts on the episode?: It was pretty good! I like eveyone's involvement and set up so far.
Thoughts on the Sirens and Witches?: those... bitches.
Any new favourite characters?: I liked the new batch collectively, so no.
Which scene was your favourite?: The Judith death flashback.
Characters/Storyline’s you enjoy/hate?: I enjoy eveyone's storylines so far, but Davian is a lowkey creep.
Who will be the villain of Season 1?: I'm feelin Davian will be the Darth Sidious to somebody's Darth Vader if you catch my drift.
Sent by Tizian,Oct 3, 2019
I love how I have virtually ZERO screentime macda27
Sent by RightToCensor,Oct 4, 2019
“Episode 1 will be out within 24 hours. Everyone’s characters will be introduced in the first 3 episodes, except for three characters, two will be in Ep 4 and one later on. People’s names/ages/character arcs have been altered slightly to make the season greater. If your character is slightly older or younger, that’s why” RightToCensor

You’re character will be introduced in Episode 3 :)
Sent by Macda27,Oct 4, 2019
Sent by ybbob,Oct 6, 2019

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