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Survivor US fans

Sep 21, 2019 by Macda27
In your opinion, what is THE BEST and THE WORST season of Survivor



Micronesia - Best
Redemption Island - Worst

Sent by NewNightmare7,Sep 21, 2019
Best- Pearl Islands or Cagayan

Worst- South Pacific
Sent by woeisme,Sep 21, 2019
Best- San Juan
Worst- Caramoan
Sent by Mitchkid64,Sep 21, 2019
Best - Micronesia or Cagayan
Worst - Redemption Island, South Pacific or Fiji
Sent by Guigi,Sep 21, 2019
Best - China without a doubt ❤️
Worst - EOE or South Pacific
Sent by LaGafas,Sep 21, 2019
Best - David vs Goliath or Micronesia
Worst - Redemption Island
Sent by Lemjam6,Sep 21, 2019
Sent by Russell11,Sep 21, 2019
Best - Cagayan
Worst - Ghost Island
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Sep 21, 2019
Best - Heroes vs. Villains
Worst - One World
Sent by Tester,Sep 21, 2019
Best: Micronesia in general, Cagayan for best all newbs season
Worst: RI, EOE, or HvHvH
Sent by Matedog1209,Sep 22, 2019
Best: China for (all newbs), Micronesia, and Heroes vs Villains... for newer school, I loved David vs. Goliath

Worst: Thailand, One World, Heroes Healers Hustlers, and unpopular opinion- Palau
Sent by PowerRankings101,Sep 23, 2019

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