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Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 2

11thJan 3, 2018 by Macda27
---Neighbourhood Group---
Mac Macda27
Kylie Mickiejames22
Leona Novamax243
Mike Wolven6974
Keizo Foxy_Piplup
Xavier CoolKat
Bailey CoolKat
Bertha CoolKat
Nick nnewman3
Bret NewNightmare7
Harmony heatherlum
Jackson heatherlum
Brittany lliiaamm
Tyger Bella1
---------School Group-------
Kate Macda27
Max Novamax243
Melanie Novamax243
Garret Obstreperous
Jamie Wolven6974
Madi Maddog16
Nolan Mysterygame2
Mr Daniels (Minor Character)
Principal (Minor Character)
---------Mall Group----------
Summer Macda27
Brandi Stanleyhouseseven
Jessica NewNightmare7 (Mentioned in Episode 1)
Greg heatherlum
Caleb varlto
Alyssa varlto
Alice varlto
Iona Bella1 (Mentioned in Episode 1)
Dinah tizian
Virginia tizian
Levi tizian
Ofelia IceIceBaby
Margaery IceIceBaby
Summer's Mother (Minor Character)

Class was in session. Mr Daniels rambled on about the history of America. The clock was slowly ticking as quietly as possible as time seemed to be so slow. Max was sitting at the front of the class, with Melanie secretly staring at him throughout class. Those two have been friends for years, but Melanie's always had a thing for him. Kate was making a rough sketch of a sunflower, but the petal at the bottom had fallen off, possibly symbolising her not feeling complete. Garret was the "over the top gay kid" in class, and unknown to most but he likes to meet with the football team once a month for a little group fun. Nolan was quiet, staring out the window letting his mind go wild and think about anything and everything to distract himself from this boring class. Madi sat in the back of the class. She was one part bad bitch and two parts popular daddy's girl, a girl who gets almost anything she wants but deep down she just wants a normal life ever since she's been showered with gifts from her daddy to keep her quiet about the affair he's been having.

Kate finished her drawing, she decided not to add colour, she felt like it didn't need that colourful and positive boost. She looked at the time "8:55am" minutes left of this class. She looked to her classmate beside her, Melanie, who was just staring at Max. "You need to not make it so obvious" Kate whispered at Melanie. "Excuse me? What are you talking about" Melanie snapped back, whispering incase Max or Mr Daniels heard. "Just ask him, don't wait because it'll slowly eat at you inside until you do" Kate said with inspiration. Kate had no idea that Melanie had trouble sleeping because every night she just thinks of Max, and how he has no idea about her true feelings. Melanie didn't answer, and looked at her desk instead.

Nolan saw that a class of younger kids got let out a few minutes early, which he was annoyed about having to listen to the teacher ramble, until he saw a couple of older people, possibly adults, walk up to a few kids walking around the school talking. One of those kids was named Jamie, a kid with a couple friends, who started high school younger than most kids. Nolan remembered how crap freshman year was. Nolan saw a few more people walk into the school, their posture seemed strange to say the least. One woman walked up to a kid and bit into their arm, ripping flesh off the bone and sending the kids into a bloodthirsty scream in terror. Nolan's eyes widened and he stood up. "Holy fuck some girl is eating a student!" Nolan said and pointed at the horrors that was going outside.

Mr Daniels was confused and jogged over to the window. "Everyone back away from the window!" he ordered. No one listened, and Madi took a photo of what was going on. "I SAID BACK THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE WINDOWS!" Mr Daniels yelled. No one had never heard the teacher raise his voice, yet alone swear at anyone. Mr Daniels kept watching in shock as the woman kept a grip on the freshman student, ripping more flesh off of the freshman's arm and the freshman screaming and trying to kick and pull away from the woman. Soon another person was at them, and grabbed the freshman's face and bit their nose off, blood squirting on the face-eating person. "I'm calling 9-1-1" Mr Daniels said and took out his phone. He held the phone to his face and the students in class were waiting. "I'm on hold, all the lines are being used" Mr Daniels said. "What the fuck is going on?" Kate said, confused. "We need to help that kid!" Max said. Jamie and his friend ran away from the two people eating their friend.

A siren rung, telling everyone to go to the gymnasium. "Follow me, stay in a single-filed line and don't panic!" Mr Daniels said and opened the door out of the classroom. One by one the students walked quickly out of the room and followed Mr Daniels. Melanie and Max were the last two to leave the room, and as they walked, four of those cannibalistic people were following them, making weird hissing and groaning sounds. "Shit!" Melanie said and opened the Janitor's Closet beside them and pushed Max in and closed the door behind herself. A student decided to go back because they forgot their inhaler, and didn't realise the four people were dangerous. As the student jogged past the four cannibalistic people grabbed the student and started devouring them. The student screamed in pain and horror which attracted a fifth cannibalistic person.

Mr Daniels opened up the gymnasium where hundreds of students were sitting on the bleachers, most had no idea what was going on and other students were explaining what happened to the kid with the woman eating the kid's arm.

The Principal walked to the podium and spoke in the microphone. "Students, please be calm and patient, as soon as we can we will call the police and the hospital and we will control this situation. A group of dangerous people are attacking students and other teachers and we need to be safe and secure where we are until the police deal with this situation"

Melanie and Max were in the small janitors closet. Melanie cracked the door open as four people were ripping their classmate to pieces, her organs were exposed as blood slowly trickled on the floor away from the now dead body. "Weren't there five of them?" Melanie asked.

Mr Daniels noticed that three of his students were missing. "Fuck" he thought to himself. "Everyone take a seat, I'll be right back" Mr Daniels said and opened the gymnasium door, as the fifth cannibalistic person was waiting on the other side and pushed Mr Daniels to the ground, and chomping on Mr Daniel's bottom teeth to chin, completely ripping off his jaw. Garret saw Mr Daniels get attacked and saw his jaw being ripped off, and vomited on the student below him on the bleachers. Suddenly at least ten of the cannibalistic people, including a fellow teacher, walked past the cannibal eating Mr Daniels and started attacking everyone in the gymnasium.

"Fuck this place is gonna turn into a bloodbath!" Nolan screamed and looked for an exit, realising the exit door. Students were already sprinting to the door, some being trampled to death. The students in Mr Daniel's class made it to the door, and once they ran outside they saw at least fifty of those cannibals, some at the door picking off students left and right. Kate barely escaped, as one tried to grab her hair. Kate, Garret, Madi and Nolan all bunched together. "I can't believe this is happening!" Madi yelled as the four ran out of school grounds together. "Wait up!" a voice said, and they stopped to see Jamie, the kid who's friend got their arm and nose eaten off, was alone and tears streaming down his eyes. "My two friends were just killed, one got eaten and another one just got trampled, a girl's high heel stood on his eye socket and killed him instantly, oh my god I can't believe this, how can they just die like that?!" Jamie said, crying his eyes out. Kate hugged him.

"We have to leave, my brother Mac is at home, it's not too far from here maybe a twenty minute walk, he can protect us for now!" Kate suggested. "I'd rather go find my own family, daddy will have something to keep us safe" Madi said in disagreement. "How far is your place Madi?" Nolan asked. "It's only a ten minute drive, it's just out of town, it's fenced up good so those sick people on bath salts or acid can't get us" Madi explained. "That's too far, our cars are on the other side of the school, that's way too dangerous, my place is the safest choice" Kate said. "Fine, but after your place I'm finding my daddy at home" Madi said, realising Kate's right.

"Come on guys, let's go" Kate said, she turned to see the bloodbath as students she knew and some of her own friends being eaten alive, with no way to help them. They all assumed Max and Melanie were killed along with most of the students at the high school, not many people made it out. Screams and sirens were the loudest things as the five walked off to get to Kate's house safely.


Overall, did you enjoy the episode:
Do you enjoy this length or is it too long:
Did you like this introduction to the apocalypse:
Any storylines you think will happen within this group:
Any hookups with any characters introduced to happen:
Favourite 3 characters introduced in this episode:
Areas of improvement:

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Well, I loved this story! My fav character here is Nolan, or maybe Melanie. I hope she's alive though!
Sent by varlto,Jan 3, 2018
Good however I prefer longer episodes
Yes my fave out of the 2
Hopefully Garret finds someone. I expect Madi to have huge character developement or die early
Melanie and Max obviously
My Fave 3: Kate,Melanie,Jamie
Sent by coolKat,Jan 3, 2018
Imma answer the questiona
1: the episode was AWESOME. Loved the introduction of the characters
2: I really like the episodes being this length.
3: the introduction was really good! It’s not really “in your face” and it’s almost seen through the eyes of the characters, which i love.
4: got no idea, as long as my boy Jamie is not killed off immediately, I’m happy xD
5: closest I’ve got to “hookups” is Jamie and Kate (due to Kate hugging Jamie) as well as max and Melanie cause of Melanie having their eyes on max and I doubt they died.
6: my fav characters? Kate, Jamie and Nolan.

This is incredible so far, so hyped for the next episode.
Sent by Wolven6974,Jan 3, 2018
This episode was so awesome everyone I loved the bloodbath scene
Sent by nnewman3,Jan 3, 2018
(Fun Fact: The opening was gonna be a sex scene between Madi and Mr Daniels or The Principal, but decided not to include that and just make it more realistic)
Sent by Macda27,Jan 3, 2018
awesome episode, to me, it needs to be a touch longer.
Sent by lhooper902976,Jan 3, 2018
Overall, did you enjoy the episode: Yes I did
Do you enjoy this length or is it too long: no it was at a good spot
Did you like this introduction to the apocalypse: From every character but the Teacher, it was good. I just felt that the Teacher was a little rushed when he immediately reacted like that. And the lockdown system wasn't in place which I understand for the story.
Any storylines you think will happen within this group: Max and Melanie stuck in the closet trying to escape the school and the four trying to get to Kate's house
Any hookups with any characters introduced to happen: Idk maybe Max and Melanie
Favourite 3 characters introduced in this episode: Nolan, Kate and Melanie.
Areas of improvement: Just the parts I said which isn't really a bug thing so no keep doing what your doing cause it's good
Sent by NewNightmare7,Jan 3, 2018
Overall, did you enjoy the episode: Definitely
Do you enjoy this length or is it too long: I liked the length
Did you like this introduction to the apocalypse: Yeah, I felt like this one was a bit better than the neighborhood episode in that it took people a bit more time to figure out what was happening. Although I understand you have to get through this phase quickly though into the "apocalyptic" scenario so it's understandable.
Any storylines you think will happen within this group: Well considering Max/Melanie are stuck in a closet away from every single other character, this is bound to be interesting how they manage to escape and regroup with everyone else considering they don't know where Kate's house is.
Any hookups with any characters introduced to happen: Well this wasn't my plan, but apparently Melanie has a thing for Max. XD
Favourite 3 characters introduced in this episode: Melanie, Max, Nolan
Areas of improvement: I mean not much, I liked this episode a lot better than the first. Possibly due to the smaller group, each person got more character development which is always nice to see.
Sent by Novamax243,Jan 3, 2018
Overall, did you enjoy the episode: Yes!
Do you enjoy this length or is it too long: It could be a bit longer i dont mind
Did you like this introduction to the apocalypse: Yeah it was good
Any storylines you think will happen within this group: Hopefully Nolan gets one lol
Any hookups with any characters introduced to happen: Max and Melanie
Favourite 3 characters introduced in this episode: Nolan Madi Katie
Areas of improvement:
Sent by mysterygame2,Jan 3, 2018
I liked it but with everyone being introduced in one paragraph it makes it hard to remember who is who. I think the stuck up girl will be eaten or her house will be used for a place to stay.
Sent by heatherlum,Jan 4, 2018

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