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Oh Nov 26, 2016
I see nothing really has changed around here :S..
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~209 Finals~ Nov 17, 2012
Well, wow. I am shocked to be sitting in the final 3. This game was a lot harder than my previous star, that’s to say the least! xD

I don’t exactly remember what I did every day so, I will just try to go with it... sorry if it’s like really long :x dont read if you dont want too :x...

Coming in to this game I knew no body... I thought I would know a few people but no... No one I knew was in this cast =[

Day 1 was the worst of any days by far, for the first hour I was trying to talk to people, the only people that would properly reply to me was Ken/Taylor during the first hour or so... then a few minutes later someone tells me there’s an 11 person chat ?!  Obviously I straight away panicked until I added in to the chat of the 5 people who were not there. (As i remember the sets for the day were Stokes/Don and Keith/Meduncan (?) ) at that day change all hell broke loose when it came to a split =[

For the next 2 days the side stayed strong when Keith managed to beat Stokes (shocked o.O) and Amils/Vike and Nick/Don went up promptly.

For 13th is where things started to get out of hand... me and Keith knew for a fact, if we went up against anyone but each other, we would lose.  So we ended up coming together (and somehow managing to keep people from targeting us for so long?)  Anyway, the sets for 13th were Bella/Babe and Anthony/Duncan (I think it was Duncan? I don’t really remember honestly LOL) Anyway during the day, Adam had asked me to split Anthony/Babe or at least “consider” it. Honestly at the time I did consider trying to get some sort of split, but I didn’t sticking with Adam/Babe xD... come to find out a group of people decided to split instead... and I shortly after received a very nice message from Adam. Though even if I did try to split for his sake it would not have worked. :x
For 12th honestly I don’t remember what happened o.o... I have been trying to think all day what actually went down that day but I’m drawing a blank... so... LOL... >_<

Aha 11th, this day me and Keith sat on call for a good 2 hours, talking about what we should do... we knew really we were at the bottom rung of either side, and we knew Vike’s side was doing  Ken/Duncan  (though I don’t remember what the other side was pushing for this time) I remember sitting on call blanking out half the time in mid thought :x In the end we decided to go with nomming  Meduncan/Zach though I never actually nominated Zach that day as many of both sides believe I did, I did not! Apart from Keith he was the only other person I trusted, so I would have been stupid for nominating him. However it was a majority even without my vote (we knew only one of us really needed to flip and one of us to throw a vote on someone else) so I did... (idk if people would call the stupid but I knew either way Zach would go up so I just hoped he wouldn't xD) .

10th... This was the pivotal day for me I guess, the sides this day was Taylor/Vike/Cory/Adam v Zach/Mike/Isiah/Nick... with both me and Keith again sitting in the middle LOL. Again we talked for hours on call... and I was SO close to voting with Vike for this one... however around 2am my time... someone had changed the group convo name to ‘Keith/Mork for 10th’ and the rest was self explanatory, me and Keith quickly changed our nominations to Taylor/Vike and they went through @_@

9th Obviously this is where everything was cut short for me, I knew me and Keith were now an obvious pair to the game... so it was only a matter of time till the majority saw us as a threat (I guess?)  We knew we had to stay with Zach/Mike for this nomination or I and Keith would be screwed, however Vike after seeing he was nominated against Taylor made it VERY clear (LOL) he was nominating us! We knew that Taylor would follow through with that... so I guess there was no point asking her... however we did start talking to Cory (but honestly... we never ended up working together XD) 20 minutes before day change we knew Isiah had the power in this game and I made my final plea... however... as it happens it was not enough! XD... We ended up on the block against each other and from that moment on I was determined to get Adam/Cory on the block (Mainly because I wanted Cory out the game)

8th... I managed to stay? Like how... LOL... anyway, with Keith gone it meant the only person left on my original side, was Zach... who I fully trusted since Keith was out the game =[.  When I saw the nominations for Adam/Zach... I kind of went crazy...  I could of possibly lose my 2 closest allies in a matter of 24 hours... it would of destroyed me! =[With me going after Adam and Cory... I don’t actually remember how this nomination came to be... I think (not entirely sure) Mike and Isiah split and did this... honestly this nomination made me mad not only did my closest ally almost leave but if Zach did it would of been 7 v 1... Well... 6 cause nick was banned LOL!

7th I think most people in the cast agreed that Nick just needed to go... honestly with him being banned it made for an easy target, however I know I locked in Mike that day.. But who did it with me (not sure) I don’t remember much of anything since it was a more or less easy day xD

6th Well... by this time I was just distraught, As much as I talked to Vike on call the day before this... I knew that Vike was going to be dangerous to keep around... and possibly one of the favs to win... (Or so I thought)  The sets this day was Vike and Cory for who I nominated... (I think)... The only way I could think of it was Vike and Cory I heard had a f2 deal... and I don’t know if it was true or not... but I jumped at the chance to nominate Cory... with someone popular! Though it didn’t go through... fuck my luck... LOL

5th With Vike getting evicted over Zach... my jaw dropped to the floor LOL... I was really planning going crazy if Zach had got evicted, lucky enough it didn’t happen... and I knew I was being targeted for like the 3rd or 4th time... I felt like I was going to break anyway! As much as I wanted to trust Cory I’m going to admit I didn’t want to talk to him,  cause no matter if I said to him ‘What were you thinking of noms’ all I got back was ‘Nah, you go first’. So sorry to anyone who read my previous blog about him but honestly I knew something was up every time I talked to him, there’s being shady but then there’s being dull and shady...But for 5th there apparently was only 1 chat made to get me and Mike... and it happened... I needed Isiah to trust me for one vote (ONLY ONE ISIAH ;_;) but, no the nominations when through and I and Mike were up for 5th ...

During this point I was very pissed off so again I made that blog (how it made the top blogs... I don’t actually know LOL) anyway, I was pissed at Cory, for the reason if I did not go up for 5th I probably would of go up against him for 4th... and it made me mad after the time he chose someone probably everyone thought was more popular than going up against someone who he could beat to make finals... (Idk but that was my point)

Anyway... I stayed?! I was not even planning on logging on for the day change... I was sure it would be 60% - 40% in favour of me being evicted... so I couldn’t of cared less what happened... little did I know when Zach messaged me on kik this morning he told me I stayed and I screamed (LOOL yes I scream idgas :P ) Honestly I don’t even know how I managed to stay... I was offline for 8hours in total of that day cause there was no way I was changing my nominations from Cory/Isiah that day...and Me/Zach/Mike just all agreed within the first hour of 5th place poll they would be going up, and it happened... I did feel bad for Cory after that blog so after talking to him I changed it ...  XD I was just in a bad mood as we all get in stars!

To wrap up... this game has been the best game I’ve ever played on this site, honestly I worked my damned hardest throughout this game, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, even through the stress of it all, and the calls I’ve been on over the week ! It has been amazing < 3
To anyone in the game who I have said anything to or got mad at, I’m sorry but it’s a game :p.. I don’t take anything personal xD... 

One last thing, Keitho44 I did this for you buddy < 3 fucking amazing ally while you were here and I would of gone out for you and you know that < 3 Thank you for telling me to carry on after you were gone =[ 
I know you will get a win soon  :3 < 3

Good luck Imthtawesom and Kentuckyy < 3
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Really? 9th lol... Nov 14, 2012
imageFirst off i would like to say ILY KEITH < 3 this is just a pile of shit..It took the cast this long to get us up cause we ended up being a duo @_@

Anyway back on to this nom:

I thought it funny when one person changed the title of a chat to ‘Mork/Keith for 10th’ with both of us still in the chat... like really? Then they wonder why they got nommed for 10th :s

To be honest these current nominations were personal and not even strategic, I don’t understand what people get out of nominating the two people who you could beat easily along the end of the game (but whatever floats their boat I guess).
I know who lied to me and sure as hell I know I probably would not be saved in this poll, but am I giving up? Hell no. Even if I don't get a second chance, I can promise that I am going to work my damned hardest to get the two, who really thought it was a good idea on the block after me.

Being nominated sucks... but I will try my damned hardest to do what I can with the short 12 hours I have left in this game, Good luck keith < 3
Ty to any supports right now idc who you save < 3
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Ѫ Well Here it is Ѫ Jun 14, 2012
First off this is not a leaving blog... however it does symbolize my time on this website for 3 long years...

After the first year alone I was tempted to leave without a trace but i stuck around because of the people I met on this site, some i met at the start of my time on here. Some I recently only just met compared to others.

I am making this blogs out of the view of the main page, mainly for the fact I'm technically not leaving, I'm just not on much anymore and im not motivated to log on skype that often so if i do end up leaving, the people i cared for know how i feel.

The solo blogs wont be in order so if you are one of them reading this... its not in want particular order :x
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♥ Connorthomson ♥ Jun 14, 2012
I didn't really know how to say this because I think I've told you this 100 times so you know how i feel..

God its amazing how close I am to you, sometimes I feel that we are complete opposites to each other and our friendship would never work as well as it has.. but a lot of the time we are the same, and that is why I fucking love you.

You have been a rock to me and smacked the sense in to me a lot of times... I say this a lot but I really don't know where i would be without you. Honestly it would scare me to think about it.
You have gone out your way to be a very close friend of mine and i can't thank you enough for it. ♥
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♦ AYSB FAMILY ♠ May 29, 2012

Lol, You guys have been more then alliance to me, you are all a family to me...
ALL of you, even those i don't talk to that much anymore. I honestly love you all!

Putting up with my asshole attitudes 24/7 for about a year now is a record so grats guys lol!

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