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X Factor UK Week 4 Rankings & Thoughts

Nov 12, 2018 by MJFJUNE
Dalton Harris - "California Dreamin"
Scarlett Lee - "I'll Never Love Again"
Shan Ako - "Never Enough"
Danny Tetley - "My Heart Will Go On"
Bella Penfold - "A Million Dreams"
Brendan Murray - "Everybody Hurts"
Acacia & Aliyah - "Survivor"
Anthony Russell - "Eye Of The Tiger"
Giovanni Spano - "The Greatest Show"
Misunderstood - "Maniac"

- Daltons range is bat shit insane. This performance was #11 on YouTube's Trending Page so he is for sure a front runner

- I'll Never Love Again is one of the best songs released this year. Hearing it again brought back all the memories from A Star Is Born. Lady Gaga put her absolute all into this song and so did Scarlett. She didn't shy away from the many big scary notes in this song and she even brought the emotion that comes with the song 

- Shan was absolutely breathtaking AGAIN. She sings with such beauty and ease.

- When I saw that Danny was going to sing this song I thought it was going to suck but DAMN did he make me look like an idiot. Awesome performance.

- Another good week for Bella, I think she has all the tools to make it in mainstream radio

- Very happy that Brendan proved me wrong. This was a really solid performance that really showcased his voice as opposed to last weeks mess

- So A&A can sing AND rap? They're entertaining and fun. This performance didn't really go anywhere though.

- Anthony has a very unique voice that just doesn't click for me most times. However, this performance had some nice moments. Idk how to describe it...

- Giovanni wasn't bad but he wasn't great either. I don't think this song fit him at all

- Misunderstood started off shaky but it gradually got better. That last note was really good

1. Dalton Harris (-)
2. Shan Ako (-)
3. Scarlett Lee (-)
4. Bella Penfold (+1)
5. Danny Tetley (+1)
6. Brendan Murray (+5)
7. Acacia & Aliyah (+2)
8. Misunderstood (-)
9. Giovanni Spano (-2)
10. Anthony Russell (-)




Yeah I could tell Shan mucked up a little in her song but she still sang so well, I'm not a fan of people re-singing songs they've already done on the show though for some reason haha
Sent by dandoe,Nov 12, 2018
A&A are the best no doubt. I cant see how people enjoy the ones who just stand there its so boring
Sent by Sloth_Roman,Nov 12, 2018
I'm not either, didn't know she did since I've only seen these last 2 weeks dandoe
Sent by MJFJUNE,Nov 12, 2018
Love this ranking! I’m rooting for Shan to win, she’s great <333
Sent by Rubes,Nov 12, 2018
And also tag me please :)
Sent by Rubes,Nov 12, 2018

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