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Modern Family producers confirmed

Sep 17, 2018 by MJFJUNE
That a major character will be leaving the show this season.

My guess is it's Jay or Haley tbh


the dog
Sent by Don_Draper,Sep 17, 2018
Ooh if it’s haley my gears will be grinded
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Sep 17, 2018
Hopefully it's Manny or Luke. Couldn't stand them ever since they grew up. Manny went from my favourite character to least over two seasons
Sent by fearlessfoxy,Sep 17, 2018
Jay makes sense but why Haley?
Imo, if not Jay I think it might be Phil because he is kind of a main character and I think it would be super shocking for the audience and depressing for the other characters
Sent by Bix123,Sep 17, 2018

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