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Jenna Morasca

Feb 4, 2018 by MJFJUNE
I'm dead. I just realized that it was the same Jenna from #Survivor who wrestled a match at TNA Victory Road 2009 and it was fucking terrible. It literally got a -5 star rating from Wrestling Observer.

I watched the match a while ago but never realized it was her...she should just stick to anything but professional wrestling....

Here's the link to one of the worst matches I've ever watched:


she wrote about that somewhere (might have been sucks i dont remember) that she was under the impression she was going to be trained under tna and debut when she was ready but they rushed her out, humiliated her, and then ditched her ;_;
Sent by splozojames50,Feb 4, 2018
LOL Why did she fight Awesome Kong at the end, MJFJUNE, splozojames50?
Sent by Loopspeare,Feb 4, 2018

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