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The Amazing Race 30 Ep 6 RANKING

Feb 1, 2018 by MJFJUNE
Let me know what you think and let's discuss what we disagree on :)

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- I didn't like Jessica & Cody this episode :/
- Ugh I loved Trevor & Chris and I already miss them
- Ok so I like Daniel & the other one now that they've actually shown signs of personality
- Henry & Evan suck now lol
- Team Ocean Rescue is a hot mess too
- Kristi & Jen will probably get U-Turned next week cuz they're beasts
- The Earth Is Round.




Violinists slayed both detour and that roadblock.. sad to see them go :(

#TeamExtreme ftw! < 3

tag me
Sent by chris2pei,Feb 1, 2018
Honestly trevor and chris were robbed, wtf is this double u-turn being apart of the only leg with different flights. i don't blame jessica and cody for doing that, but why didn't Indy Car u-turn jessica and cody????
Sent by SeanDouglas,Feb 1, 2018
I'm honestly so sad to see them go, them and Team Jody were my favs so to see them in the bottom 2 was sad

If only the Indy car racers got to the u-turn last, then I would have been happy
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Feb 2, 2018

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