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My 2018 NFL Playoff Predictions

Jan 1, 2018 by MJFJUNE
imageWild Card:
Kansas City def. Tennessee
Jacksonville def. Buffalo
Atlanta def. Los Angeles
New Orleans def. Carolina

New England def. Kansas City
Pittsburgh def. Jacksonville
Philadelphia def. Atlanta
Minnesota def. New Orleans

Pittsburgh def. New England
Philadelphia def. Minnesota

Super Bowl 52:
Philadelphia def. Pittsburgh


Are you fucking stupid
Sent by Nocturnal,Jan 1, 2018
NO all the way
Sent by ghrocky100,Jan 1, 2018
Philadelphia is barely better than buffalo and Tennessee
Sent by Nocturnal,Jan 1, 2018
Depends on the day tbh Nocturnal
Sent by MJFJUNE,Jan 1, 2018
Tbh idk. We don’t know if the eagles will be very good without wentz yet.
Sent by KrisStory,Jan 1, 2018
Foles is no Wentz but their momentum is hot. They won't have an easy time getting there but I think they can do it .. Tennessee is screwed either way, Mariota will choke Nocturnal KrisStory
Sent by MJFJUNE,Jan 1, 2018
Daddy Marcus Mariota will slay your faves
Sent by TheOmen,Jan 1, 2018
Tf nah nah nah Eagles arent good anymore!
Sent by ManniBoi,Jan 1, 2018
mjfjune my current ranking of super bowl possibility is (not afc vs. nfc but out of the 12, this is how I rank their chances of winning).

1. Patriots (by a long shot)
2. Steelers (up there with the Patriots)
3. Vikings (Underdog, like most of these teams, but have the best chance in the NFC as of now imo)
4. Rams (Despite the young coach, this team knows how to win and, for the most part, have been healthy and outrank the Eagles for that reason).
5. Eagles (momentum and home-field is important, but I think they will lack the chemistry needed to win the game).
6. Saints (Hard to accurately rank the NFC South because of schedule difficulty, but that will probably mean they have a better shot than most of the AFC as they overcame their difficult division to win it).
7. Jaguars (Easily my pick for 3rd best in AFC this year, but I don't see them having a shot against the Steelers nor the Patriots, making them fall in the ranking).
8. Panthers (Similar as Saints, except they didn't win the division and have less momentum coming in despite similar record).
9. Falcons (Shaky team overall this year, don't see the odds playing out for them unless they're clutch).
10. Chiefs (Weak second half of the season and lack of momentum)
11. Titans (playoff droughts don't spell out good returns)
12. Bills (playoff droughts don't spell out good returns)

Anyways, the playoffs will shape up to be very interesting because many of these teams are either historically bad in the playoffs, or lack much playoff experience. Only 4/12 of these teams made the playoffs last year too, which is insane!!

Unfortunately, because of the inexperienced teams and wildcard nature of nearly all of them, it looks like the solid Patriots and Steelers only have each other to worry about in the AFC. Nonetheless, the NFC is a total tossup at this point in my opinion!
Sent by KrisStory,Jan 2, 2018

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