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  2. Hi all!
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I want to vent about AGT

Aug 14, 2019 by M2thamax
idk if anyone has watched this season cuz it has sucked so bad. So if you haven't watched it, then you're not missing much! Majority of the golden buzzers have been completely forgettable, except Kodi! And most of the 'talent', is 'Oh you have an amazing personality' 'So your going through cuz this show is Americas got personality'! (dull)

But for tonights live show, omg it sucked! Kodi was amazing, and it brought a tear to my eye, but he was the only bright spot.

I like the hand balancer brothers, and I follow one of them on Instagram cuz he's hot AF, but their performance was slow!

And I can't remember her name, but the country 12 year old girl who got the wild card. Omg, don't get me started. When she auditioned, she got two tries. At judge cuts, she got two tries. When she got eliminated, she got brought back. Like biased much? It's probably all cuz she has a ton of followers or some shit. If someone like me or you go on there, and fail the first try, then we're done. But she gets 5 tries! It's bullshit! She'll never get any of my votes, that's for sure!

But i'm done with the season cuz Kodi is going to win anyways!

*Rant Over*



I only like the judges

And by judges I mean Gabrielle Union
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Aug 14, 2019
Okay to be honest I dont disagree with you about most acts

However I think a lot of them had potential

Alex Dowis is an amazing artist and he tells great stories, like he reminds me of the sand art lady that came runner-up in champions but a little bit more patriotic
Ainsley Burns I completely agree, she shouldn't have been a wild card it should have been Izzy and Easton
Bir Khalsa is stupid and dont know how they made live shows
Carmen Carter has a huge voice and a great sense of control but her song choice was terrible
Emerald Belles actually had a really good performance this time, and had one of their best I think they did really well
GFORCE is just a wannabe girl group and like I just dont like them
Greg Morton is really amazing with all the voices he does I just wish he had more structure to his number and not do random voice
Both Kodi Lee and Luke Islam were my faves since they both sung amazing, Im a theater kid like Luke so I have a special place in my heart for him
Messoudi Brothers were slow I agree
Sophie Pecora is unique but I think she could have done a better original song like what she did for her intro because I thought her intro was so unique.
Voices Of Service were really good as well and as a military kid I think they represent a lot, and they sound really good like their harmonies are great

I dont think the live shows sucked, but i do think there were too many singers this round so it felt more of a singing competition than an AGT show
Sent by spinfur,Aug 14, 2019

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