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  1. Hey everyone!
  2. I absolutely hate Banana's!
  3. Such a good stars cast!
  4. Julie Chen slaying!
  5. So glad big brother is over today
  6. When does TAR31 start?
  7. Has part one or two happened yet?
  8. Does anyone know who's getting evicted?
  9. Haven't logged on here in over 10 days
  10. I assume I'm probably not the only one
  11. I watched Kam's vlog
  12. I quit watching BB20 a few weeks ago
  13. At this moment
  14. What is honestly Fessy's plan
  15. So happy with the outcome of AGT tonight!
  16. Who is renom going to be?
  17. When is the pov being played?
  18. I never thought I was ever say this
  19. Who is going home on thursday?
  20. Does Scottie know
  21. BB20 eviction
  22. Is pov being used?
  23. 6:15am and haven't slept yet!
  24. Someone fill me in on BB20 possible renom?
  25. BB20
  26. Hi!
  27. Does anyone send pm's on here anymore
  28. I hope this ends up being
  29. One person join FS
  30. Did I miss something epic
  31. Who is going home on thursday?
  32. One person join FS
  33. Is it true?
  34. I really like this stars cast!
  35. Anyone want to join FS?
  36. I really hope
  37. It may be sad for her
  38. If you really think about it
  39. What is Scottie going to do?
  40. That all stars fastings

I really hope these rumors are true

Jun 15, 2018 by M2thamax
And that there really are 4 returnee's this year!

But it just seems like there are always rumors going around a week before reveal and trolls that will get my hopes up, and then Monday it will be revealed that it's a all new cast and I'll be upset!

We'll see I guess! #BB20


monday will reveal all newbies, like bb18 and bb19 did
they won't reveal the returnees until the premiere, but very reliable sources have said there are 4 returnees
Sent by Electric,Jun 15, 2018
they wont reveal the returnees monday but there will be 4 of them
Sent by ghrocky100,Jun 15, 2018
Why??? Why 4 returnees players???? Or do All-Stars 2 or do a fucking all newbies with a new game
Sent by DannyDavid,Jun 15, 2018
Why u r trying to kill me big brother?
Sent by DannyDavid,Jun 15, 2018

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