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♥♥ Making another Vlog ♥♥

3rdMay 14, 2012 by M2thamax
I'm bored so I'm doing another one :)

So post if you want a shoutout and/or ask me a question! (I will answer ANY question) :)

And I promise this vlog will be better than my first vlog :)


opinion of me
Sent by mikec51,May 14, 2012
Shoutout and opinion of me plz
Sent by Sweetheart95,May 14, 2012
Thoughts on mwah
Sent by Clues,May 14, 2012
show us your nipples
Sent by BBlover96,May 14, 2012
Shoutout and opinion of me :)
Sent by I_PullDaStrings,May 14, 2012
i want a shoutout
Sent by Xbac5,May 14, 2012
Sent by melissasinclair29,May 14, 2012
shoutout and opinions about me :P
Sent by Lamia,May 14, 2012
Opinion of me and if you think I'll go far. And if you could would you gift me?
Sent by Smoothie,May 14, 2012
shout out
do you plead the 5th?
who would you fuck on tengaged in all honesty?
If you could back over someone with your car whod it be?
Sent by vh1luvr15,May 14, 2012
shoutout :)
Sent by nikkirags,May 14, 2012
Shoutout please!
Sent by Chlltownofcourse,May 14, 2012
i want a shout out
Sent by rellizuraddixion,May 14, 2012
and i want u to make me a fan sign and show it on camera
Sent by rellizuraddixion,May 14, 2012
If you could change 1 thing about tengaged and world what would it be?
Sent by MarekK27,May 14, 2012
What do you really think about me and do you love me? XOXO
Sent by Prince_Charming,May 14, 2012
yes sir :D =]
Sent by connorthomson,May 14, 2012
Opinion of me
Sent by Kentuckyy,May 14, 2012
Wish me a happy 1 year anniversary haha its tommorow the 15th XD
Sent by Caliboy,May 14, 2012
Sent by MTman,May 14, 2012
What is your favorite tv show?
Sent by turney1805,May 14, 2012
me me me
Sent by brosky17,May 14, 2012
i'd like a 20 second monologue of you arguing with yourself

or running around in a circle for 20 seconds
Sent by Inkread,May 14, 2012
who are you? and why do you always spa me on skype? lol
Sent by dmann,May 14, 2012
Sent by dmann,May 14, 2012
do 5 jumping jacks and 5 pushups
Sent by Inkread,May 14, 2012
shoutout please
Sent by Jenna2010,May 14, 2012
How would you describe me to others. ^_^
Sent by myiel,May 14, 2012
opinion/shoutout generic kinda thing :P
Sent by Ghoul,May 14, 2012
I most likely goona me banned before you do this buttttt, opinion of mehhhh!
Sent by Alex_DuBois,May 14, 2012
shoutout pleeaseee
Sent by nikki101,May 14, 2012
plussed it (dull)
Sent by carlab1,May 14, 2012
Shout out! I feel like you've forgotten about me :p Lol!
Sent by Zack2010,May 14, 2012
Shout out and an opinion! :)
Sent by tharealmike,May 14, 2012
opinion of me and shotout!
Sent by TrYhArD1441,May 14, 2012
opinion of me and shotout!

oh and do you like potatoes?
Sent by andalarew_2231,May 14, 2012
Sent by Boots22,May 14, 2012
Shoutout and opinion
Sent by Robinhood99,May 14, 2012
please insert a pole (or something that resembles a pole) in your anus please.

Inkread told me to post this.

Anyway for real, shoutout, and question: What's something that keeps you coming back to tengaged?
Sent by ThatKoolKidOverThere,May 14, 2012
LOL i did not ask you to post that request ;( Thatkoolkidoverthere

also umm act like a chimp
Sent by Inkread,May 14, 2012
shoutout and can u tell me one think u like about me the most?? :)
Sent by Shankie24,May 14, 2012
hi shoutout< 3

your fav tv show other than bb
Sent by jharrin7887,May 14, 2012
Sent by Nova,May 14, 2012
Opinion of JesseM :)
Sent by JesseM,May 14, 2012
Sent by blatastic1234,May 14, 2012
what do u hate about me
Sent by aguidavi,May 14, 2012
i want a shoutout :)
Sent by itznessa,May 14, 2012
shoutout! HAHA
Sent by Sylvester,May 14, 2012
I like @ThatKookKidOverThere's question:)
Sent by Diva1,May 14, 2012
Let me try that again!

I like ThatKoolKidOverThere question!
Sent by Diva1,May 14, 2012
Are you ok?
Sent by TheThomas23ism,May 14, 2012
Sent by JUM40BUM40,May 14, 2012
Shoutout and opinion
Sent by Icing,May 14, 2012
Shoutout and I know your opinion, but it is always nice to hear!
Sent by sdriver999,May 14, 2012
shoutout and opinion :))
Sent by valgarfield,May 14, 2012
Give me a shoutout =)
Sent by PASC0,May 14, 2012
question to answer....who do u prefer, gbpackXLVchamps or samgoody?
Sent by samgoody,May 14, 2012
opinion and shoutout.
Sent by hMzz,May 14, 2012
dance while meowing ....or my fanbase will get you ...
Sent by Meowfie,May 14, 2012
shout out/opinion
Sent by koreymckay,May 14, 2012
Ducks of swans???????????????
Sent by conza1994,May 15, 2012
shoutout and opinion plz :D
Sent by AxKxAxBatman,May 15, 2012
How many  weaves do you have and can you wear one for me?
Sent by MontyBurns,May 15, 2012
What do you think of ME? Do you love me? Can we be together forever and ever?

Would you date Icing?  I mean... she's a hot asian... SO give her a chance!
Sent by MastaManipulator_11,May 15, 2012
Sent by BartSimpson,May 15, 2012
Sent by BartSimpson,May 15, 2012
Sent by borisXborisette,May 15, 2012
Thank you!! :)
Sent by Majik,May 15, 2012
Hey, did you vote me out in our game, just curious.
Sent by _Trey_,May 15, 2012

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