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  2. I am happy to announce
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  5. i want a buff black guy to pin
  6. My brother
  7. I was taken advantage of!
  8. can some1 explain beyonces song to me??
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  21. These 2 girls invented gameplay
  22. My Ex works in a pharmacy, so
  23. which is why i begin my sentences in the
  25. how do u know if ur a lesbian?
  26. i got in trouble for saying something
  27. i got in trouble for saying something
  28. I hate when ur
  29. Yay! My horse won the Melbourne Cup!
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  31. come for butt pics
  32. it's so hard being pretty
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  35. feminism is a cancer
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  39. My unborn baby just grabbed my finger..
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Unpopular opinion

Oct 26, 2017 by LunaPark
AHS: Roanoke was a top tier season


Sent by DakotaCoons,Oct 26, 2017
Sent by titoburitto,Oct 26, 2017
its not unpopular?
Sent by bayonetta,Oct 26, 2017
bayonetta it is though, many people regard it as one of the worst seasons
Sent by LunaPark,Oct 26, 2017
lunapark not really? everyone I know loves it
Sent by bayonetta,Oct 27, 2017
bayonetta literally a simple google search will have you finding most websites dubbing it as a lower tier season. unfortunately our opinions on the season do not change the larger consensus at hand. sorry hun
Sent by LunaPark,Oct 27, 2017

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