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  1. lol
  2. me on survivor
  3. Tengaged meetup with ShadowBaller (PIC)
  4. lol worst birthday ever
  5. i threw a wish in the well
  6. Lol my friend
  7. 馃摌馃摍馃摌馃摃
  8. No title
  9. Mileys new song is so goddamn catchyy
  10. how old were u when u lost ur virginity?
  11. 5'5 but my throat 6'2
  12. i hate u i hate u i hate u
  13. + for Raini Rodriguez
  14. 13 facts about myself
  15. Babeeidah
  16. It's time I spoke up.
  18. Coming out.
  19. Cornelia used multis to win stars (PROOF)
  20. why do so many
  21. Interesting
  22. challenge32rankingpersonal
  23. My brother
  24. I was taken advantage of!
  25. can some1 explain beyonces song to me??
  26. im clothes
  27. Food smells and nausea
  28. What's your fave Survivor season
  29. Do midgets have night vision?
  30. me entering the stars house on a multi
  31. michelle dougan wins cbbus2
  32. I am in utter disbelief
  33. if i had
  34. footage of omarosa winning hoh
  35. this week was controlled by
  36. I got scammed??
  37. I just realised
  38. These 2 girls invented gameplay
  39. My Ex works in a pharmacy, so
  40. which is why i begin my sentences in the

I love fighting

Oct 9, 2017 by LunaPark
with people on here
It gives me something to look forward to as I have no friends in real life and I am an overweight socially anxious loser :(

Sent by DiamondsArentForever,Oct 9, 2017

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