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Ranking Green Vegetables

Oct 4, 2017 by LunaPark
Not sure what greens to grab when you're in the produce section? Fear not, for I am here to present you with the top five green vegetables out there right now.

Lettuce is definitely one of my all time favourites, however, I can completely understand how one may dislike her.
She's kind of the Basic Becky of all the green veggies, and this alone is enough to turn people away. The magic about lettuce is not her alone, but the accompanying dressings used to enhance the eating experience.
Due to the over-exposure of lettuce, she has found herself on the bottom of this ranking.

Kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Eating more kale is a great way to dramatically increase the total nutrient content of your diet.
This vegetable definitely hits close to home as my close friends ShadowBaller000 and Piddu have both used this very green to assist them escape morbid obesity.
Kale is an underrated queen, however in recent years, many vegans have tarnished her reputation.
Regardless, she is still one of my all time favourites.

Zucchini would have to be the oddball of this list, as the case often seems to be that you either love her or hate her. She's a controversial green.
I personally would love to be sucking on a thick, fat zucchini every day of the week, being that they are a rich source of potassium and vitamin B.
I'd advise those new to zucchini to begin with something like a zucchini fritter, before working your way up to the more exposed versions of the vegetable.

I absolutely fucking LOVE asparagus. The only reason that she hasn't topped the ranking is due to her seasonal restrictions. Fresh asparagus is only available during the spring, making her difficult to enjoy all-year round.
While the taste is indescribable, asparagus is related to the Allium species that contain onions and garlic. Anyhow, steam up those tips, pour on the cheese sauce and I am in heaven.
Bulimics, fear not, as asparagus is 93% water.
I would recommend asparagus to kids, parents, and bulimics alike.

I think I鈥檓 in love with artichokes. I love to eat her, I love to look at her, I even love to think about her. She's just so beautiful and deliciously tasting.
Sometimes I put her in a vase, as she is beautiful as any flower. I can鈥檛 get enough of these shades of green mixed with purple. When they are in season I simply want her every day.
There are countless health benefits to eating artichokes, many unexpected.
I'm constantly finding new ways to cook and prepare her, and every method has resulted in a licked-clean plate.
I very much so love artichokes.*2oLpjGdsEICeuCp20DBcMg.gif

HONORABLE MENTIONS: #Spinach, #Broccoli and #Celery


What about the human in a wheelchair kind of vegetable?
Sent by AmandaBynes,Oct 4, 2017
Wtf celery and peas were robbed
Sent by ShadowBaller000,Oct 4, 2017*2oLpjGdsEICeuCp20DBcMg.gif
Sent by AmandaBynes,Nov 9, 2017

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