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<3 Darrius <3

16thJun 8, 2017 by LuckyLefty
Don't get mad tho

#2388 - we haven't really talked much but you seem chill and we never had problems so hit me up sometimes
#arris - you actually seem pretty cool and I like you and get better internet so we can play lol
#babeeeidah - I really find you cool asf I love how you have these people pressed over you lol you're nice to me so ily
#pureessence - me and you played Tvivor together and we actually had conversations that didn't even involve the game I think you're a cool person to talk to
jgoodies - oh Jonathan my love sike naw but you're cool ass dude even though we rarely talked since Tvivor but you are funny asf and I like talking to you
underwzc - Zachary! We meet like a month or two ago and become so close you're one of my better friends on this site and someone who I enjoy talking to and playing with (both ways )
con66 - I feel like me and you been friends for forever you let me now you're back and I'm so happy to able to talk to you again you one of the nicest people on this site and ly
steven999 - I'm pretty sure we played power struggle together if I'm not mistaken and you were cool on there and I liked you hit me up more
maxi1234 - lol you're so funny and I really like you as a person and I wished we talk more than we do
goodkaren - you're sooo sweet you're one of the nicest people to grace this site never ever change
brandonpinzu - we don't talk much but I haven't heard too many bad things about you so we should talk more hit me up
brandt69 - omg where do I begin we're Bonnie and Clyde , peanut and butter , but you're so fucking cool and funny and nice
hints - we talked a few times I believe and you are cool when we talk.
dakotacoons - I feel like I know you but I can't remember lol hit me up tho
mybash_ - Chris we met off of Tvivor and I'm so happy we did I feel like I made a friend for life we slayed that cast till Austin flopped with 2 idols but ily soo much
lazeric - my son you're cool asf and you a chill lor dude I really fucks with you
oliviaxoxo - I haven't talked to you on here I don't think but I never heard anything bad about you, we should talk more tho!
streamx - fuck you I don't fuck with you , you stayed pressed in my messages which is why I blocked you fuck you stay mad and are you a boy or girl
bengalboy - dru you're cool asf funny and an overall nice person your one of my favs in TBC love me papi
samhuss - yooooo I swear you are hilarious ! Your coolasf and you can deal with my shadiness
marietori - Montana your soo cool and funny and I love you but stop fucking backstabbing me in games before I expose your nudes baby xoxo


Sent by 2388,Jun 8, 2017
drag me
Sent by con66,Jun 8, 2017
Sent by Maxi1234,Jun 8, 2017
Ok ugly
Sent by Steven999,Jun 8, 2017
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Sent by 2Beastly,Jun 8, 2017
be nice :( ik u hate me deep down
Sent by Mybash_,Jun 8, 2017
Sent by Lazeric,Jun 8, 2017
ok meee
Sent by Streamx,Jun 8, 2017
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Jun 8, 2017
ugh ily baby boy <3
Sent by Mybash_,Jun 8, 2017
Sent by BengalBoy,Jun 8, 2017
ok me
Sent by Samhuss,Jun 8, 2017
Sent by MarieTori,Jun 8, 2017
me asf even though u dont know me!
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