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  1. how about you just shut up
  2. Filtered another fugly cunt
  3. I kinda want
  4. WOW RHOBH has been a snooze fest this season
  5. yiff yiff motherfuckers
  6. halsey is just proof
  7. sleep? i dont know about sleep its summa time!
  8. yo yo yoey
  9. What BM episode should I watch next?
  10. KK my official rankings of my first 4 BM Episodes..
  11. Tonight at the gym I watched
  12. kay wtf @ black mirror s1e2
  13. omg just finished the first ep of black mirror
  15. Cant wait for Madame Butterfly
  16. ugh i gained like 20 pounds this holiday season
  17. omg i forgot i was in stars
  18. Everyone support me in my first stars
  19. when does stars enroll?
  20. Which one of you is sending me some dick pics..
  21. I wanna get some nudes
  22. who wants to knock the dust off my old treasure?
  23. i just want someone to devour my boyhole*
  24. Anyone wanna league
  25. WHO WANTS TO LOL with me
  26. who wants to LOL with me
  27. i wish i was a lil bit taller
  28. omg theres this new old bitch at my job that wont..
  29. Everyone talking about xtina honoring whitney but..
  30. chembots may we make a super tribe?
  31. Who wants to carry me out of b5 in 3 days beforre..
  33. i need female skin
  34. i fink i might join stars tonight
  35. Degrassi on youtube...
  36. hey who wants to see my newly worked out butt
  37. i did my first official leg day in the gym
  38. post a selfie and ill tell you if id let you cream..
  39. 2 more for castings
  40. am i weird for wearing perfume

Praying for Alicia

Feb 20, 2014 by Lowwww


lovee her!
Sent by tharealmike,Feb 20, 2014

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