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  1. Oh good
  2. Thanks for the surprise gift!
  3. Sup fuckers
  4. Ugh... I thought Purdue had it...
  5. Me not getting any support in Stars
  6. Stars?
  7. Is it bad that I don't particularly want any of..
  8. Do I go for Stars
  10. everyone stalking stars
  11. Any good frats out there?
  12. Oh god, that one guy who posts all the hentai is..
  13. Should I pop into Stars this week? or nah?
  14. Any good frats looking for folks?
  15. Support
  16. Yeah, no thanks on that premade
  17. Who's joining Stars?
  18. Thanks for the gift!
  19. Thanks for the gift
  20. WAY TO GO, O
  21. Stars - NOMINATED FOR 5TH
  22. Hey, I joined Stars
  23. Where does Fessy rank among worst BB players?
  24. My bro is the best
  25. The Eagles are going to the Super Bowl...
  26. About to finish 2nd, once again
  27. Thirteen is pretty chill imo
  28. Who is this guy and how is he so good at frooks?
  29. Stars Support
  30. No title
  31. Way to filter me, Maybelline
  32. Ah yes, gotta love that blood... and gore... and..
  34. I will throw up if Chrissy wins... Seriously
  35. If Chrissy's name was Christopher
  36. This might be a unanimous win for Ben
  37. Chrissy is still getting 2nd
  38. It's so easy to mess with people
  39. lol
  40. If you need a charity to get a lower level...

Is it bad that I don't particularly want any of these people to return to Survivor?

Mar 27, 2019 by LowKi
Like... I don't like any of them nor do I think any of these people will make huge impacts at the merge

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