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  1. im quitting tengaged
  2. i have a smelly cunt
  3. does anybody remember that nickelodeon show
  4. i pray for some people on this site
  5. snap me for nudes
  6. hi ask
  7. snap me ur cock
  8. i love all my children
  9. nobody will get wine drunk with me rn ugh.
  10. im actually mad lady gagas aunt joanne died
  11. No title
  12. does anybody else get turned on
  13. snap me pics of ur cock
  14. shawn mendes could defiantly
  15. ive only played 7 games for the whole year
  16. i lost my virginity at age 4 :X
  17. #DrJeanIsOverParty
  18. i love mickjaggers throbbing cock in my ass
  19. boy this love is supernatural
  20. getting fucked up tn
  21. i was planning on quitting tengaged anyway
  23. who wants to raise a child
  24. halsey needs to get aids & die
  26. holy fuck i want ch*ck fil a
  27. who should i save in stars
  28. shove ur cock in me
  29. please click my button
  30. pyn if u think mickjagger
  31. vote for me here i guess
  32. i forgot my mexican food was in the microwave
  33. im making mexican food rn
  34. No title
  35. YES MAMA!
  36. how can i clean out my mac
  37. eats popcorn and enjoys this pointless drama
  38. vote for me here and ill sext u :#
  39. i love this song
  40. do it or ill fucking drink bleach

a certain special tenagager will

Oct 19, 2016 by LovelyKiss
get what they deserve soon.. #karma


If they deserve it, karma will do it by itself
Sent by titoburitto,Oct 19, 2016
I hope you get  what  you deserve. I don't go around hurting people. You made a blog spilling the T and asked for questions.
Karma gonna get u back you bad devil
Sent by sweetpuff,Oct 19, 2016

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