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Stars finals VLOG!

5thMay 7, 2016 by LoveLife
Here is the VLOG I made today explaining to YOU why I think that I deserve to WIN stars.

I came into this game never expecting to actually make it to this point, however I have found that making personal connections and taking on leadership can play a huge part in a successful game.

I managed to stay unnominated all the way up to Final 5 and although not being seen as a big threat may have helped my game, I used this to my advantage.

Coming into the game, there were several people who had instant recognition and got the attention as a valuable stars winner.  In my opinion, the person who played the best social and strategic game should be awarded the win and not just based on pre-game popularity.

I have loved every minute of playing this game and have loved the many conversations I have had with the cast and getting to know each and every one of them.

Please watch my VLOG where I explain my game, my moves, what I think of the rest of the cast and more!! Sorry for the gap half way, my phone ran out of space! Oops!!

Best of luck to Vanili & Bryce < 333 #stars

Part 1:
Mentioned - PMMGuy Vlad21 Minie WannaBeeFriends benp428 sprtsgy1989 hints joshie1 eric_136 Music

Part 2: (My mum comes in half way, it's super awkward) LOL
Mentioned - MrPokeGuy9 bigdizzleyomama Cornelia Music sprtsgy1989 meduncan vanili KrisStory bryce12 stuartlittle16 ohheydudeski Survivor_Season1 FrozenShadow09 KizzXxX08 eric_136 Galaxies


Voted for you < 3 love you!
Sent by zachbbs,May 7, 2016
u seem nice tbh
Sent by LivvieBoo12,May 7, 2016
voting *
Sent by zachbbs,May 7, 2016
omg i thought u were vanili and got confused :x  good luck :)
Sent by Downeaster,May 7, 2016
Stars is entirely decided by multis now, popularity and gameplay mean NOTHING anymore

But gl!
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,May 7, 2016
v true about me
Sent by Bryce12,May 7, 2016
Sent by Minie,May 7, 2016
Not sure what you meant by tough. Tough as in, someone tough to deal with? Someone tough to beat? Someone who's tough and doesn't care what others say? LoveLife
Sent by Galaxies,May 7, 2016
No! Tough as in threat, I just didn't want to use threat again aha! Like Tough to beat :) Galaxies would have been nice to get to know you more tbh
Sent by LoveLife,May 7, 2016
King! Loved the charity we played, voting you to win.
Sent by Judi,May 7, 2016
omg my face in the first video before you press play LOL
Sent by LoveLife,May 7, 2016
Ah, makes sense. I really wasn't a threat though, I only joined to kill a few hours of extra time that I had, I never actually planned on playing until like a few hours before I went up, LOL. But yah, if we do every end up in stars together again (which is unlikely as it bores me), then we should work together.
Sent by Galaxies,May 7, 2016
Voting for you
Sent by boygenius2010,May 7, 2016
Sorry honey, but u are boring af, also 20 mins video .. come on and even ur nick is so pathetic. My tip is change ur blog pic, it's not ur best. GL
Sent by Ari_,May 7, 2016
GL Nathan :)
Sent by joshie1,May 7, 2016
I'm voting for Vanili bc you didn't really respond well to my opinion or question.
gl I was going to vote for you before I heard that.
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,May 7, 2016
Good luck :)
Sent by Carlisle,May 8, 2016
voted for you cause british homos need to stick together
Sent by Richpaca,May 8, 2016
"I added people on snapchat" idk why I found that funny lol but good game
Sent by bigbrotherlover7,May 8, 2016
Good game man i voted for you gl
Sent by J0K3R,May 8, 2016
well i mean i did that to both sides so ;/
Sent by bigdizzleyomama,May 8, 2016

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