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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Jan 11, 2024 by LooseyLaduca
Ryon246 you have played 9 frooks in the last few days.
Read a book. Go on a nature walk. Get a job and earn money. Go to the gym. Take a shower. Meditate.


LooseyLaduca you have taken the time to stalk my frooks and count how much time I play. I'm not bothered by how much you play. Read a book on giving me an ease up, Go on a nature walk so me playing frooks doesn't bother you. Get a new Job cause idk if your career is being obsessed with me and earn money while you're doing it. Go to the gym to exercise easing me up. Take a shower to reflect on my ease up. Meditate on another user other than me. Literally do anything so that you don't have to offer recommendations to me especially seeing we don't have a personal relationship. Thank you and have a blessed day
Sent by Ryon246,Jan 11, 2024
Those were definitely words Ryon246 plus I just noticed a pattern of you being first to enter every frooks game and checked to see if I was right?? I promise I don’t care much beyond that.
Sent by LooseyLaduca,Jan 11, 2024

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