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[Sims4 Survivor Legends] - Episode 1

May 16, 2017 by LoopyCoco1
Episode 1 is here.
Sit down, grab some popcorn and watch the drama unfold.
Time for Survivor Legends, Sims4 Version!

Good Luck, and hope for your favourites to win.


[Day 1] -

"For our final ever instalment of Survivor, we are ending with a theme never done before. That's right, Survivor Legends" Jeff proclaimed as he was standing on a boulder in the Sim world.

"That's right, 20 of Survivor's legendary players will battle it out for ultimate supremacy for one last time. And that $1,000,00 cheque" Jeff continues shouting, "thirsty for blood, for revenge? Welcome to Survivor: Legends"

*camera changes to the helicopters containing castaways*

[CONFESSIONAL :: Kelley Wentworth (K)] -
I had no regrets the last time I played, other than not making it to Final Tribal Council. I mean I threw everything into last time, so I guess I gotta throw 110% this season.

[CONFESSIONAL :: Tony Vlachos (M)]
Coming into this game, I know I’m a huge threat. I’ve voted out my best ally, found special idols. I’ve created spy shacks. I’ve won the game. (laughs) If you’ve seen me play before, you’ve seen nothing yet.

[CONFESSIONAL :: Malcolm Freberg (K)]
I've had three chances, and all three times I found some way to f*** it up. (laughs). My ego and I cannot take another loss. I mean, this season you have to go big or go home, this is it.

[CONFESSIONAL :: Courtney Yates (M)]
I'm like the skinny white b***h over here. My last two times, I was mean, this time I intend to be even meaner (laughs) Screw all these people, they all suck.

[CONFESSIONAL :: Sandra Diaz-Twine (M)]
I'm not scared at all. Heck, I'd vote these people out and they'd still give me the million dollar cheque. I'm just gonna let these people think they're taking the crown off me this season, but remember. The queen stays queen adios.

[CONFESSIONAL :: Rob Mariano (K)]
It's now my 5th time playing Survivor. Once at Final Tribal, once a winner and twice a pre-juror. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get to Final Tribal one last time, no matter what the cost.

[CONFESSIONAL :: Kim Spradlin (M)]
I'm honestly just here for the fun and the experience. If I win again, that's just an added bonus. It's just vacay out here for me. It's gonna be a long haul but I'll get there, I promise.

Blue, red and yellow mats awaited the castaways as the helicopters landed on a remote island, not too far away from the others. One by one the players would get out of the helicopters, running to the mat straight ahead of them. The castaways eagerly waited for Probst to introduce the season in its entirety.

"Welcome to.... Survivor Legends everybody" Probst dramatically proclaims. The cast cheer with excitement.

"For the next 39 days, the 20 of you will not only battle each other, but you'll have to fight off the elements of the wild if you want to make it deep. This season is not going to be friendly for the warm-hearted. Twist will be at every corner you turn to. Go big or go home. "

[CONFESSIONAL :: Russell Hantz (K)]
This time, I'm not playing with some dodos like back in Nicaragua. Pffft throwing a challenge to get ME out? (sarcastically laughs) that ain't happening this time around. And maybe a million dollar cheque would be nice too.

Jeff continues his monologue, "Now usually, there would be some form of marooning on a boat, or beach to get you guys underway with the game. To help you get supplies needed for the game ahead. That isn't happening this time"

[CONFESSIONAL :: Rob Cesternino (M)]
Oh god you can't be serious Jeff. This is either going to be really good, or really bad. I don't like my chances with this now.

"Your supplies, will already be back at camp waiting for you. Some wood, a bag of rice, a grill and a flint to get you started with fire. Some of you have now played 4 or 5 times, you should know the basics on how to survive. "

[CONFESSIONAL :: Malcolm Freberg (K)]
F**k Probst. Man I really needed the marooning to happen. Find some idol or advantage, or something.

[CONFESSIONAL :: Aubry Bracco (M)]
Oh boy this game is really taking a notch up. Looking at the people around me, this truly is Survivor: Legends. My two seasons I seemed to have made it close, but not close enough. Guess this time I got to run over everyone in my path.


"Instead, you'll have your first reward and immunity challenge right here, right now. The losing tribe would then have tribal council TONIGHT, as one person will go home on Day 1. A lot to play for." Jeff continues.

Jeff goes on, "Yul, you've played this game 10 years ago, how has this game evolved since then"

" I mean, I won 10 years ago. So clearly wasn't that difficult. But this game has evolved into a strategic must, and it's really turned into a hunt or be hunted situation. At all times. " Yul says, with the 2 helicopters starting their engines to leave.

"Spencer, what is your take on 'hunt or be hunted" Jeff asked him.

"Well Probst, all I have to say is that I will be doing all the hunting. Hunting for blood” said Spencer”

“Well then, I guess we should get to start the season. Red tribe, will get the red buffs. Your tribe is called Mychuno. Blue tribe with the blue buffs. Your tribe is called Kooj” Jeff adds.


[CONFESSIONAL :: Cirie Fields (K)]
I mean, this game now has truly started. I’m still going to be the gangsta in an Oprah suit. But with my 5th season, I’m not taking any prisoners, even myself (laughs)

Once Cirie’s confessional ends, the camera pans across towards the island’s scenery. Azul blue skies, clear water, perfection at the very least. However, a helicopter is seen with the vicinity, approaching the camera. As it veers across the camera, the scene shifts to the 20 castaways on the beach. All 20 looking shocked as the helicopter approaches closer to landing.

Jeff adds, “You see those helicopters? The twists will not stop today. In that helicopter, are two former winners. They will not play with you guys, but against you. They will form a 2-person tribe. And this season, there will ONLY be 2-person challenges whilst this twist is alive. If this 3rd tribe beats you in an immunity challenge, you will go to tribal council. If they finish first, both tribes will go to tribal. If they finish in 2nd, the tribe finishing in 3rd will go to tribal. If this tribe finishes last at an immunity challenge, the people remaining will decide on a person to go home, and a person to join the game. At a predetermined point in the game, if they hadn’t lost a challenge, they will join the game as their own players, playing their own game”


[CONFESSIONAL :: Amanda Kimmel (K)]
Are you serious? I thought this was enough already, 20 legends. Now a tribal first night, and 2 more players? ERGGH this is a sick joke.

[CONFESSIONAL :: Rob Cesternino (M)]
Oh boy this is really getting started. I mean all I can account for so far is that I look around me and people look 10 years older suddenly? It’s probably just fear, but I say age.

[CONFESSIONAL :: Kelley Wentworth (K)]
It’s really getting hot here. This game is really loose, but it’ll shape up.


Jeff states, “Please welcome the two players entering this season. Winner of Survivor Caramoan, John Cochran!

[CONFESSIONAL :: John Cochran (S)]
I was (pause) just there on my last two seasons. I earned my rank as Survivor winner, but now it’s time to delve deeper into the game. (kisses)

Jeff continues, “One time player, one time winner. Winner of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur. Natalie Anderson.

[CONFESSIONAL :: Natalie Anderson (S)]
If there's an aggressive survivor winner, it's me. (laughs) In my season, I was known for flipping back and forth, not backing down from a fight, and making moves. I hope my reputation doesn't hold me back, but once a winner, always a winner! Right?! Haha!

After Natalie's confessional ends, the camera sets on Cochran and Natalie running towards their mat. Jeff would then say, "I guess we have our 22 castaways this season. You all look like you're ready to fight for this million dollars"


Jeff, "And almost immediately, it's time for your first immunity challenge. As I've explained, only two in each tribe can compete in each challenge. Which means, Kooj, Mychuno. Select two people to partake in the challenge. If you are selected, step off your mats."

Almost instantly for Kooj, Parvati and Amanda step off the mat in synchronisation. However, Mychuno had a more difficult decision to create. After Parvati stepped off, Tony stepped off. The other 9 Mychuno stood still as they waited for one more person to volunteer. After about 45 seconds, Kim stepped off in hopes that she would win.

[CONFESSIONAL :: Kim Spradlin (M)]
At this point, it's all about winning this immunity challenge. No one wants to be the first person gone. And now whilst everyone's sane, it will be the hardest time to clench that victory.

[CONFESSIONAL :: Andrea Boelhke (K)]
No way I wanted to compete in that. I didn't want to fail, and if we failed hard enough to the point where we lost, I didn't want to be blamed and possibly be voted out.

Jeff Probst goes on, "So for Sulsul it's Cochran and Natalie. For Kooj, its Parvati and Amanda, whilst Tony and Kim are playing for Mychuno"

"Welcome to your FIRST immunity challenge" Jeff states. "For today's challenge, the castaways competing must run across the water to their respective platform. Then, one by one you are to swim underwater to obtain a series of rings. Once both members get 1 ring, you are to run back to shore, and place the rings on a pole. Then head back out. The first tribe to get all 12 rings onto their pole wins immunity. A lot is at stake, tribal is tonight. We could see either 1 or 2 people walking out tonight. I'll give you a minute to strategize and then we'll begin"

After about 30 seconds into the strategizing, the camera pans over to the Kooj tribe, specifically Spencer,  who is seen to be whispering to Jeremy.

"We good this time like Cambodia" Spencer whispers to Jeremy.

Jeremy nods his head slightly, however, Kelley, who was standing next to them was able to hear what the conversation was about.

[CONFESSIONAL :: Kelley Wentworth (K)]
So at the challenge there Spencer and Jeremy said they were good. Hmmm.. I sense a little bit of alliance with a whiff of Final 3 deal if you ask me.

Tony chimed in with glee, "Jeff, we're ready!"

Jeff replies sternly, "Alright Tony we'll start when I wanna start"

Everyone starts giggling and chuckling with the response.

"Survivors ready.... GO!"

They began to race to their platforms, around 150 meters from the shore. It was Mychuno who got their first, followed by Sulsul then Kooj. Natalie clearly pulling the weight for the Sulsul tribe. As Tony and Kim start diving into the water, Amanda was struggling in the water.

As Kim and Tony run back to the shore together. They start talking to eachother as they run. "Listen, winners need to stick together" Kim informed him, "Or else we are going home one by one. Its that simple"

Tony then replies, "Just don't do me dirty and you won't see me coming after you"

As the challenge goes on, Amanda starts finding her feet in the challenge, and doesn't struggle as much. However, she realises that there is a tiny parcel stuck to the pole on the shore. It is on the other side of the pole, so no one would be able to see it.


As she gets to the shore, she offloads her ring onto the pole, and makes a quick dash for the parcel. She acts out as if she tripped over her own feet. As she unties the parcel, Parvati realised what she was doing and kept quiet.

"Shh I'm not going to tell anyone" Parvati whispers. "As long as you keep it between the two of us, and use it when we need it"

[CONFESSIONAL :: Parvati Shallow (K)]
I think people realise that I play an 'I' game more than a 'we' game. But for now, I'm going to need to befriend everyone. You might be my 'friend' but I'll consider everyone a threat. For Amanda? She's going to be either my first victim or first ally.

"I agree. Just keep quiet though" - Amanda dastardly replies.

As the challenge goes on, Kim and Tony slow down to save energy for the future. Cochran and Natalie, know they cannot be in last position, so they step it into high gear, moving faster than both tribes. Amanda and Parvati, after collecting the parcel, would slowly drop off the pace, suffering from early exhaustion.


[CONFESSIONAL :: John Cochran (S)]
I'm pretty sure it's fact that I'm awful at physical challenges. Or any challenge in general. I might be in a tough spot knowing that once I lose, it's the end of the road. Which is very probable.

{ SCORE : Mychuno [10] - Sulsul [8] - Kooj [6] }

As Tony and Kim dive for their last rings, they start walking to finish, with their entire tribe cheering them on. As they put their final rings down, the 10 tribemates all run to eachother, and huddled up knowing they were safe from Tribal Council.

"For Mychuno, no Tribal Council for tonight. Congratulations. Looking for one more tribe to be safe from Tribal tonight"

As the minutes clock up, it is evident that the Sulsul tribe were going to beat Mychuno to the win. As Natalie and Cochran near the end, they stop to look at Amanda and Parvati, and realise how far ahead they were. Only to sprint the last 50 meters, and put Mychuno out of their misery.

Natalie and Cochran would then cheer inexplicably, jumping on the spot whilst hugging eachother, knowing they weren't going to be the first ones gone. However, Amanda and Parvati drop to the ground, knowing they were in deep trouble.

"Sulsul win immunity! No Tribal Council for you tonight either. You survive your first challenge as a tribe. As for Kooj, Tribal Council tonight, where one of you will be the FIRST person booted out of this game. Hopefully it isn't you. Head on out. " Jeff would add.

{Mychuno [1st], Sulsul [2nd], Kooj [3rd}

[CONFESSIONAL :: Ozzy Lusth (M)]
This win was beneficial for the overall tribe mentality. This will definitely help us for the future. As for my game, this opens the door a little more to get alliances working.

[CONFESSIONAL :: Russell Hantz (K)]
This loss I think may have dug some people their graves. But I'm Russell Hantz, I know how to get out of this, and I will. I promise you all.

The camera would then cut to a pan across the exotic islands of sims, where off in the distance you can see the helicopters that brought the castaways onto the island.


That's it.
The END of Episode 1.

What do you think?
Who's going to win/first boot?
Any alliances you want to see?

AND BTW, this will not be the format from here on out.
Since it is the Sims, I would like to recount every conversation and all and what happens at camp etc.

So I will do points.
HOWEVER, I will highlight the main conversations.
I WILL still do confessionals.

What do you think of it?
It's just easier for me.

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