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This Is Moronic

Jul 9, 2019 by Loopspeare
TITLE: Ottawa looking at Criminal Code reforms to deter 'shameful' conversion therapy


So wait... The Liberal government in Canada wants it to be ILLEGAL for a trans person to opt for counselling instead of hormones and surgeries to alleviate their gender dysphoria.


I think it's about what type of counseling, if they go to a psychologist, that'll never be banned
Sent by suit,Jul 9, 2019
u cant read
Sent by mathboy9,Jul 9, 2019
I can read, mathboy9. Part of it is about preventing trans people from using counselling instead of surgery and hormones. It's BS.
Sent by Loopspeare,Jul 9, 2019
"Conversion therapy — which is opposed by the Canadian Psychological Association..."
"In 2012, the World Health Organization issued a statement saying conversion therapy poses a 'severe threat to the health and human rights of the affected persons.'"

When the people who know their shit in the field of psychology are saying conversation therapy is ass, maybe that's a sign that the practice is ass in general...
Sent by FromMeToYou,Jul 9, 2019
The URL that they give, FromMeToYou, only talks about conversion of SEXUALITY. They never talk about gender identity or anything along those lines in the PDF given. The article here is actually intellectually dishonest.
Sent by Loopspeare,Jul 9, 2019

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