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0 Days Left - Loop's Third Game

Aug 4, 2018 by Loopspeare
Today's the today! I'm going to work earlier today and so I'll have more time to spam before, so yay! Anyway, on with the final part of this blog series.

~ PART #6: Loop's Third Game ~

I started progress on this game in March. Continuing on from Style of Rule, I realized that I needed something that would be easier to build both for "living areas" and for challenges. While I can't spoil much yet, I'll say that I definitely succeeded in that.

I can also tell you that I wanted to work some nostalgia in the game given that Loop's was so popular among a certain crowd. Whether I succeeded or not... We'll have to wait and see what y'alls think tonight.

Additionally, the scripting that I learned from my failed SAW game was vital in creating this. It allowed me to keep the game fresher for y'alls and it also allowed me to add in some quick customization options for hosts (while still keeping it simple and limited at times). I guess that's all that I have to say.


The game's logo and thumbnail have been uploaded onto the place. Here's the URL:

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