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Response Blog

Aug 2, 2018 by Loopspeare

First, I never talked about medication for predators. I talked about medication for pedophiles (people who are sexually attracted to children). The best that we have right now is libido-lowering anti-depressants, but they're better than nothing. And yes, as it currently stands, pedophiles have access to NOTHING!

Second, there are ALWAYS going to be pedophiles. Always. Just like there will always be people who like sucking on toes. If you don't want people to be pedophiles, then offer them ways to no longer be pedophiles. And yes, most pedophiles WANT help. We just don't see it since they'll be attacked if their say that they're attracted to children.

The whole point of medication and counselling is to PREVENT harm. The current system just waits until someone is harmed, punishes someone, and then pretends that it actually did something productive. That it's not even trying to prevent harm is appalling.


1. I'm using the word predator and pedophile synonymously because I don't like saying that word.

2. You can't medicate someone unless you know that they are a predator, which would require someone reporting them to law enforcement for making sexual advances towards a child, which at that point it's already too late

Prevention strategies are always a good thing; however, they don't logistically work with child predators.
Sent by pokemaster,Aug 2, 2018
I think what pokemaster is trying to say is that it is hard for us to medicate pedophiles unless the person them self seeks help by saying HEY I HAVE A SEXUAL ATTRACTION TO CHILDREN. Many times we find out about their sexual attraction because they act on it, once they act on it imo they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law
Sent by koolness234,Aug 2, 2018
You can't use the same prevention strategies for predators as you would use for other crimes, because there are known risk factors for criminal behavior that can be targeted. However, the only major risk factor for being a predator is being a victim one-self, which is 1) protected information and 2) extremely under-reported, which makes it nearly impossible for a prevention program like this to be effective
Sent by pokemaster,Aug 2, 2018
And that's the problem with using the terms interchangeably, pokemaster, koolness234. By not accepting that there are pedophiles who haven't done anything wrong, you're stigmatizing pedophilia and making it more difficult for them to seek out help BEFORE any harm is done.

You have to be able to use the word "pedophile" without the connotation of predator. If you don't, you won't help us progress in ending child sexual assault. :(
Sent by Loopspeare,Aug 2, 2018
loopspeare Your logic in your last comment really does not make sense. A pedophile is someone who has a sexual attraction to prepubescent children regardless of if they act on it or not. Pedophilia is literally defined as a mental disorder in which a person has exclusive attraction to children. I am not stigmatizing pedophilia in anyway. Some who has pedophilia is a pedophile without having to act on it by the very definition of the word. The issue once again is that a pedophile in many cases does not share their sexual attraction with anyone and acts on it before it is too late. I never used the word pedophile with the connotation of predator not once. You putting that connotation in my mouth and trying to insinuate that was my reasoning and argument does not help end child sexual assault either. You trying to articulate that I was using it with the connotation of predator is essentially you doing the same thing you are trying to argue that I was doing. Not trying to come for you or anything just stating my opinion which is right now you just participated in a double standard
Sent by koolness234,Aug 2, 2018
I was talking to Pokemaster there, Koolness234. I just put your name in a bad spot. :X
Sent by Loopspeare,Aug 2, 2018

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