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Mar 7, 2018 by Loopspeare

The syllables of "a dictionary" are... "Uh - dik - shu - na - ri."


I also pronounce dictionary as dic shoe nay ree
Sent by peace123,Mar 7, 2018
The point of this blog was to look at the consonant placement within the syllables, peace123. As for the vowels, they're all the same except maybe the second last one in that it's a diphthong for some and a monothong for others.
Sent by Loopspeare,Mar 7, 2018
Loopspeare the point of my comment was to make you realize that you're trying to explain the syllables of "a dictionary" to a bunch of gay teens because of a joke blog, and that it looks stupid, but it obviously backfired on me as you took the time to tell me "it's a diphthong for some and a monothong for others", whatever that means
Sent by peace123,Mar 7, 2018
Not sure why you're so triggered and have to neg me, peace123.
Sent by Loopspeare,Mar 7, 2018
Loopspeare LOL its just annoying, but +15 to take u to 12 points, didn't neg :*
Sent by peace123,Mar 7, 2018

Someone tried to frame you, peace123. Wow.

I'll teach you what a monophthong and a diphthong is. Diphthongs are when a vowel goes from one vowel to another in a single syllable. For example, the word "bait" doesn't hold one vowel. It goes from one to another. :O

Monopthongs are when it just stays on one vowel. lol
Sent by Loopspeare,Mar 7, 2018
Loopspeare ur such a legend thank u for that
Sent by peace123,Mar 7, 2018
People pronounce words differently so not gonna apply to everyone lol
Sent by sprtsgy1989,Mar 7, 2018

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