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10th - Ranking English Lexical Categories

Jan 1, 2018 by Loopspeare
Coming in 10th place is...

Degree adverbs!

Degree adverbs are the things that describe other adverbs. For example, in "He ran super quickly," the word "super" is the degree adverb. Or we can say, "He joined stars really slowly." In that case, "really" in the degree adverb.

I had to rank degree adverbs in a low rank for two remain reasons.

First, degree adverbs rely entirely on adverbs in order to be present, and even then, adverbs are entirely optional! That's embarrassing.

Second, lots of degree adverbs are useless. Compare these three sentence. "Alice walked slowly." "Bob walked pretty slowly." "Charles walked quite slowly." Who walked the most slowly? And the least slowly? I have no idea because these degree adverbs are filler.

Rankings so far:

10) Degree adverbs.
11) Determiners.

Unranked so far:

- Nouns.
- Standard verbs.
- Modal verbs.
- Adjectives.
- Standard adverbs.
- Conjunctions.
- Adpositions.
- Particles.
- Interjections.

Which lexical category deserves to go next?




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