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My Friend Needs T$vote Oct 22, 2018
Please comment on his blog! :D

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My BBCAN7 Audition Story Oct 19, 2018
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Pajamas Are the Best Oct 18, 2018
Imagine looking drab while going to sleep. YIKES! :X
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Awwww Oct 18, 2018
So I saw Ethan000's blog that was of @Kingmac1's speech. It lead me to searching for a video of him, and then I found this:

#10 is LadyLizard (RIP) eating a banana. :(

On a brighter note, we see RightToCensor as a younger person. We stan baby Eric. <3
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Well... Oct 18, 2018
#90Days is 90 days, Admin. Ban them again.

P.S. It used to be 120 days. Why are you being easy on them?
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My Open Casting Call Experience Oct 18, 2018
Hey, y'alls! So as some of you know, the open casting calls for #BBCAN7 were in Winnipeg today. Like I did last year, I went out to the mall and went to the casting call. Here's how it went!

First, we stood in line. The line wasn't that big when I got there. Just over 100 people. We got our slips of paper with some information on it. We also had to write some of our info on it (height, weight, name, job, education, etc.).

Anyway, he line was on the second floor and it curved around one of those opening in the floor (meaning we could see the floor below). There were rails and so nobody fell off. However, one of the girls behind me dropped her paper down to the first floor. She tried to see where it was at first and leaned over the railing. Luckily, she eventually went down, got it, and came back up and got her spot back in line.

Continuing on, there was this older woman behind our group. She was in a wheelchair. While she could stand up, she couldn't stand up for very long, hence the wheelchair. I was a bit skeptical given that the comps require standing, but I didn't say anything.

So our group started talking more after the girl got her paper back. We talked about the show and whatnot. Then this girl from Sephora came and offered us some weird makeup things? Like some card and if we had one and recruited someone else, then we'd get some free goodies. We all passed.

So as the line moved up, the woman in the wheelchair was moved around the line since we were approaching the stairs. Okay. No problem. She managed to get into the actual audition process around 30 or 45 minutes before us. During the thing, she stood up (since they stood around this table in groups when auditioning). No problem since she at least needed to prove that she could stand, right? Anyway, their group left and...

She was walking that wheelchair without a problem! She kept walking and walking, the wheelchair folded up. That old hag had hoodwinked us! We stan a strategic legend, but still.

So we finally approached the main entrance to the outlet for the auditions and Cassandra Shahinfar talked to us for a bit. She recognized me and wished me good luck! :)

We eventually made it into the auditioning process and here's how it went. First, she collected our papers. Then, she asked us to tell her about ourselves and we did. Finally, she asked us whom we would evict of the group. Turns out that one girl was gonna backstab her new friend. I selected to evict some more under-the-radar guy given that I'm not exactly UTR myself. Nobody chose to evict me.

And then we left.

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