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Okay so I'm gonna be spilling hella tea and my honesty

2ndAug 23, 2019 by LivvieBoo12
Msg down below if you want an opinion xoxoxo


peace123 - I love you too pieces Connor, I think you're one of the nicest people on this website even though we rarely talk anymore know that I still consider you a friend xo

Chic - Omg Maz you're extremely iconic, that Stars game we played together was so much fun playing with you and getting to know you slightly more we don't really talk that much anymore but I still think you're great!

Timberlie - I slightly remember you but I don't think we were ever close but from what I remember you were always pleasant towards me when we had any interaction whatsoever, that's all I can really say and hopefully we get to know each other more in the future.

Darbe - I don't really know you very well at all however we've talked a few times and I think you're a nice person from what I've gathered and a really reasonable person at that with the communications we have had and hopefully we can talk further in the future since you seem like a nice enough person.

TaraG - Omg Tara I think you're extremely iconic and I know you get a lot of shit from people who don't matter but honestly you're actually so great. Furthermore I hope in the future we can become better friends since we've only started talking recently again and I'm happy we did.

gabrieltrezza - I don't know you very well but we've been in some skype chats together, you probably think I'm very controversial but I have nothing against you and I can promise that and hopefully we can put our differences aside and talk them out since you seem like a down to earth person from what I've gathered in the few months I was in the chats.

NexusCain - You've always been lovely to me, we don't know eachother that well but when we do talk on the odd occasion it's always a pleasant experience. Furthermore I think you're a nice person and it would be nice having our conversations now and again and keep them up since I enjoy them when we do.

BengalBoy - Honestly, tbh I think you're a down to earth person and when you do say things I promise I don't take them offensively I'm probably trolling if I've ever done that since I think I have and I understand your sense of humour since I'm a Brit also, and with the Jadine situation I probably went a little too far with my trolling and should apologise to her about it.

pinkiepie512 - Omg Grace, your story you told me was amazing and it made feel inspired how much you've been through and you still don't let the haters get to you I wish I could relate that's very commendable to see a strong Woman like yourself and I think you're a really nice person even though we aren't that close I can tell you're a nice person at heart.

xxLoveWakizaxx - Omg Wakiza, I find your sense of humour hilarious and I've always thought you were a good person when I first met you and I think you stay true to yourself and don't let anyone take that away from you and that's very courageous to see, I don't think you'd ever change and that's what I love about you no matter the people you're around and you're just overly a nice person towards me so thank you for that xo

Akeria - Omg, Dallas I think you're actually wonderful no matter what people say of you it doesn't matter what others think of you because you can't control what others say of you my mother taught me that at a young age and I think it is a true statement, you're a really nice person and I feel a lot of people just dog pile you due to the stigma going around on tengaged even though we know who the real toxic people are and don't change xo

abrogated - Abrogate, I think you're a really strong speaker and you aren't afraid to speak what's on your mind and I find that really brave that you don't care what others think of your opinions. Furthermore you were there for me when I wasn't going through a good time so thank you for that and always sending me positive msgs I think you're a nice person deep down we've had a rocky friendship but I'm happy we're finally at a good place with our friendship.



me gir le
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