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  1. I think I'm going 2 leave this site for awhile
  2. I don't like MarieEve
  3. I deserve to get a second chance in
  4. periodt
  5. Guatemala was honestly such an underrated season...
  6. Apparently I'm an Evil Bitch
  7. It's sad for me to see this on the website, but I..
  8. Is it true ( S40 Spoiler Survivor )
  9. If this isn't a mood idk what is...
  10. I didn't get casted for 1984
  11. Guys lets stop being rude about each others..
  12. Queen of TWD periodt!
  13. Rosita...
  14. I'm obsessed with The Script I loved them so much..
  15. It's a shame
  16. I wish TAR had a UK version too
  17. It's sad that you feel suicidal
  18. I'm no beauty queen
  19. I just dyed my hair purple, eekies eekiers!
  20. When I defend myself people always ...
  21. It's sad seeing gay men having to be hateful..
  22. People are always saying I've done fucked up..
  23. I would love to see Francesca play again ( WITHOUT..
  24. Hola amigos <3
  25. I won Tribe Wars!!!
  26. Who is...
  27. Seriously who made another fake account of me!!!!
  28. Remember if others bring you down...
  29. Gonna make a vlog so ask me questions xoxo
  30. Can I ask a question?
  31. Who's your fave contestant of all time on ANTM?
  32. Stars cast make sure to get out Jourdan
  33. I stg in frookies people just put me up for 13th
  34. Is anyone casting for an ORG atm?
  35. Okay so I'm gonna be spilling hella tea and my..
  36. Hello, how are you all doing today <3
  37. Some cruel people from this website
  38. Jourdan what you're saying is very ignorant,..
  39. It never happened?
  40. I love that the only insult people have on me

Sameed is an awful human-being

Jun 13, 2019 by LivvieBoo12
Idek his user


Sent by peace123,Jun 13, 2019
he's a funny lad
Sent by BengalBoy,Jun 13, 2019

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