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  1. Message me to play
  2. I'm so disgusted at some peoples behaviour on this..
  3. Bitches really joined frookies last night
  4. I'm not a psycho
  5. I'm recording a cover to Dancing Queen <3
  6. Doing coke with the boys <3
  7. They're really trying to deport me out of the UK
  8. I've had enough of
  9. Who wants to be friends need real ones <3
  10. Bitches pressed that I won immunity
  11. And that's on my mother
  12. Who wants to Overwatch bored <3
  13. Grace you're so pretty <3
  14. I went to the shop earlier and I got Id'd for a..
  15. Idgaf what people think about me <3
  16. It's really sad ( I've been thinking about things..
  17. I will be taking a few months break from tengaged..
  18. you're all beautiful <3
  19. Ty babies <3
  20. Hello my name is Rachel Mason
  21. This is legit us <3
  22. I'm nuts the craziest fun you'll ever have <3
  23. Isabella is gonna be iconic
  24. You all are beautiful <3
  26. Anyone here plays Overwatch on ( PC )
  27. No title
  28. Just got back from the ER like 30 minutes ago
  29. Danielle was such a bitch from King of the Nerds
  30. I can't sing I can't dance
  31. Love all <3
  32. Stop right now thank you very much
  33. love me, hate me, say what you wanna about me...
  34. I wouldn't wanna change a thing in my life <3
  35. I hate that people bully me irl for my weight
  36. Sameed is an awful human-being
  37. Ranking my favourite champions on league of..
  38. Anyone wants 2 play DBD with me rn?
  39. I don't even know what page you're on
  40. If you're ever feeling down remember things do get..

Sameed is an awful human-being

Jun 13, 2019 by LivvieBoo12
Idek his user


Sent by peace123,Jun 13, 2019
he's a funny lad
Sent by BengalBoy,Jun 13, 2019

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