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  1. I think
  2. Everyone is beautiful in their own way <3
  3. Does Chris Lecompte from survivor maryland
  4. is this Holli from survivor maryland?
  5. Who do you think will win this stars
  6. who here loves league?
  7. Hey everyone <3 just popped in after like two..
  8. I'm gonna be offline for a month for personal..
  9. Calling JourdanBabyxoxo
  10. Stars support <3
  11. I just wanted to say one thing
  12. Me when people think I give a fuck
  13. Which survivor player you think represents you as..
  14. Should I join stars today
  15. Hottest survivor winners ( Top 10 winners )
  16. I've never had a better experience in game.
  17. ( Unpopular opinion )
  18. I'm obsessed with this song
  19. I'm having so much fun in this game it's final 6..
  20. i <3 you
  21. Your all beautiful <3
  22. Can we all stop blaming each other
  23. Everyone is beautiful <3 In their own way <3
  24. So, I've said some pretty mean things the past few..
  25. It's sad how some people have to behave.
  26. No title
  27. Just hit Grandmaster
  28. It's funny how people on multis
  29. #WearBlack FOR MATT
  30. :(
  31. Anyone wanna town of salem with me and my friend?
  32. Iconic song
  33. Does anyone think
  34. ly babe <3
  35. petro hun,
  36. thats what ___ survivor ghost islands
  37. If we find the reason to why
  38. If theres ever a heroes vs villians 2
  39. some people are awful ...
  40. This is me vs

My go to song <3

Mar 7, 2018 by LivvieBoo12


Can u enter in my Big Brother Pros Vs Nubs?...You are in the pro team
Enter you are my idol
Sent by FoxyWinters,Mar 7, 2018
nobody wants to dance with you
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Mar 7, 2018
jourdanbabyxoxo bcuz im fat?
Sent by LivvieBoo12,Mar 7, 2018

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