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  1. Why do people like Brendan Murray
  2. Molly Scott is my winner pick
  3. I'm a hard-stuck Plat 3 ;(
  4. ;(
  5. I wish I was pretty ;(
  6. I'm sick of getting death threats from certain..
  7. Queen I want to see you happy <3
  8. I'm done being nice to fake people
  9. Imagine being this pathetic and sad
  10. The Queen stays queen
  11. I think it's stupid nominating the same person..
  12. When you want someone to talk with
  13. the most underrated dumbest move( SURVIVOR )
  14. This might be the best stars cast we've had in..
  15. I'm 5'9 is that abnormally tall for a girl jw
  16. As much as I dislike some of the people you've put..
  17. What's the best way to kill yourself
  18. My biggest pet peeve will always be
  19. I'm so bored who wants to talk on skype
  20. Natalie is a queen
  21. I wish I could kill myself
  22. I'm not horrible
  23. Can I report this to admin or is it not a crime..
  24. Stop crying over a game
  25. I stand by my Brits, Americans and Canadians.
  26. The Brazilians have always treated me like shit (..
  27. I'm so happy (BB20)
  28. I didn't realize how much sexism still goes on..
  29. Big Brother 20 -- Post your winner in the comments..
  30. Ya'll are just jealous pathetic individuals ...
  31. I need someone to talk too ;(
  32. Anyone hosting a skype game tonight
  33. On League of legends I feel
  34. I can't believe it's been over a month since my..
  35. Bye bitch
  36. Imagine calling someone ugly when you don't even..
  37. I'm a man irl
  38. Hello, how are you all doing today you beauties..
  39. So lets get this straight ...
  40. You look greatest when you feel like a damn queen..

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