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Top 38 of Eurovision only studio tracks

Mar 20, 2022 by LiukBB
Albania: When i first heard i kinda knew it this was gonna be my winner, i was scared for the revamp, but this is a serve. i DO FEEL LIKE THIS is the best albanian version of wild dances done 18 years after.
Ireland: I am gay in almost in their 30's with a taste of a 15 yr old girl. hence why this is there
Serbia: this is so goood like i really felt in love, it's so unique but so dynamic. love the backing vocals.
Croatia: This is so underrated, there is a sweetness about this that makes this good. I prefer the live version of this.
Malta(  I KNOW I SAID I am trynna change my taste, BUT THIS SENDS ME TO HEAVEN EVERYTIME, it's just so positive, and cheesy at same time and i do have a personal connection to this)--> Leonora vibes.
Latvia: this is a first class serve . Guilty pleasure of the year for sure.
Armenia (very Lumineersish and I am into this kind of music)
Cyprus( this is good, I only not feeling the greek part before chorus)
Poland: This is very good, although i feel like the studio track is better than the live version. I don't think this is winning though. it's a way too repetitive.
Sweden: The studio track is not as good as the live in my opinion. I think the live is miles away better. Here it's good but i don't have those "wow " moments she gives me with mello performance. I do think that this song is a bit artificial.
Australia: This is the adult version of suisse. I discounted this quite immediately but listening caefully this is good. The 2nd part really snaps. Wish the chorus could have been stronger.
Montenegro: It feels a bit disneish, but i like it overall. It's a mature midtempo ballad.
Portugal( good, i like a lot the first part, it loses me a bit int he beginning of the 2nd part, but still grats to Portugal).
Norway: kinda the same of Spain. but this has a better production.
Macedonia: didn't pay attention when it dropped but it's not bad.
Spain (tbh this is growing me off quickly, I am a gay fag but the production is quite static, i will still bop to this, but right now I prefer to see other doing good).
The Netherlands: the production here is good, i just wish it could have been a more dynamic.
Italy: Yeah this is prolly my least fav entry of us in a long while, I like the rapping part, but the rest is a bit way too there and a bit cheesy. Had this been mahmood 100% prolly would have been in my top 5.
Finland: this is nice even if finland should send other from rock :P. I am fine with this
Czech Republic ( this is okay, good production).
France: I wish the guy wasn't there cause the girls are slaying this while I think he is a bit out of place.
Austria: Nice song but i think the live will either make or break it.
Finland: this is nice even if finland should send other from rock :P. I am fine with this
Germany : Not sure why this song is getting so much dislike. I don't think it's groundreaking, but I really like the production, it could have been better, but the rap is a plus for me and i feel the chorus.
Iceland ( the beginning is a bit static, it picks up in the chorus, but the ethno vibe is making me appreciating this).
Lithuania: Very Caro Emerald, I like the vibe but i don't think it's entire my thing.
Romania: this was nice until the chorus came. overall not my thing but there are worst
Israel This will probably ends up growing on me a lot but right now it's okay. Love the israeli vibe in the 2nd part.
Slovenia: It's a bit too retro for me. Not bad bad but not feeling it totally
Greece: really unpopular opinion but I don't feel this at all. I think the production could have been better and even though i can appreciate the crescendo in the chorus overall I feel bored by this.
UK: the chorus give me a headache and the rest is so generic like u alll are acting like this is best uk entry ever. the production is nice
Ukraine: this was a lot to take personally.
Georgia (not liking this bar when he says Lock me In" which i find hilarious
Estonia: wow another Avicii song (didn't they try this in 2019?) but this is just so boring and I don't like his voice at all. I do like the gendre but this is very plain.
Belgium: Annnoying production . annoying vocals, static song.
Suisse: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Denmark: the rock part isn't realy helping, this is just so annoying. It's legit so repetitive.
Moldova: No thank you. I know i like ethnic stuff but this is just noise.


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