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Brasileirao votes season 2021

Dec 8, 2021 by LiukBB
So in this post i will write off my thoughts about some of the squads. Since tournament is finishing tomorrow i will write only the squads who have their position 100% sure and then the rest after tomorrow night. I didn't consider copa do brasil cause i don't think it is that important.

Part 1

Atletico Parananese . It's mainly for the sudamericana campaign cause like the brasileirao this year for them was kind of a disappointment, but neverthless they still managed to stop Flamengo from winning.
I still consider them like an european version of sevilla but still 46 points in the league is a score pretty low.

Sudamericana: 10
Brasileirao : 5
Average 7,5

Atletico Mineiro: I will be honest. I didn't expect them to come on top with this power and strength like they did. I thought at some points they would have dropped but then nobody really was ever close to chase them. I mean it's a well deserved win for the brasileirao, not exactly my favourite team, and loot of ex europeans player (Hulk, Costa, ecc), i would rather feeling it more brasilian.
For the copa libertadores i read things like " omg mineiro was robbed of the final" and I'm not there like Boca should have eliminated them in round of 16, they were kind of lucky to come to semifinal. Maybe in the 2 games X palmeiras they were better but karma is a bitch babe !!!

Brasileirao: 10
Copa libertadores: 6
Average: 8

Bragantino: Yeah the name is red bull bragantino, but i made them "Bragantino" so B.
So basically the season of braga it's to divide in two: the first part they slayed the league then it 2nd part they tried to slay sudamericana, and flopped in the end. Same thing of paranaense
I really like Bragantino, i like how they play football, they're very entertaining to watch. The only note is that they are still not ready to win anything. there is something in their mentality who is missing (Same with Rb too), but i am so happy they made top 6 and they will be in the group stage. I hope they won't sell nobody otherwise it's gonna be hard for them staying at these levels.

Brasileirao: 7,5
Sudamericana 9
Average: 8+

Chapecoense: Well like isn't this like the worst campaign ever from a team in brasileirao ?I hope they will score 0 tomorrow night cause I need them. The quality was kind of low, no big names and like nothing worked, even if when i saw some of their games they didn't come cross utterly terrible, but just not ready for this competition.
It's so funny thinking that chape obtnaied 2 of their points against the reigning champions kkkkk.

Brasileirao: 3
Average: 3

Corinthians: Gosh it's really hard being objective because I really deteste them. I wish this was temporada 2020 again but then at august they bought Giuliano/Guedes and from 12th they moved up to 4th winning 8 out of the 9 games in their stadium. It's kind of easy when you buy players from Europe.
It's very deserved and I'm very curious to see them in libertadores cause i do feel they can do pretty well.
And with all the good mediocampo they have next year they will probably be fighting to win brasileirao sadly. It's gonna be a bad year 2022 :(

Brasileirao 7,5
Average 7,5

Flamengo KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. This is my first reaction after this season. Like i am not sure what was flamengo target this year but all i can say is flop.
In copa flamengo reached the final after facing a medium/easy run and at the first really good team they flopped. Part of the reason is linked to coach. I don't think Renato Gaucho has that winning charisma to make it happen and in the decisive moments (final libertadores, semifinal copa do brasil, games X parananense and chapecoense) they dropped points even if they were winning that game. I think Flamengo squad is very good and i think the 2nd place is mostly linked to that (that attacking makes me shake my ass) but for 2022 i will suggest to buy a better entrenador.
Oh and from a Fluzao fan glad we got 6/6 issa temporada.

Brasileirao 6,5
Copa do libertadores 7
Average 6/7

Fortaleza: Okay i am like confused on how they managed to go to Liberta after that 2nd part of the tournament especially the last. I am not a huge fan of them, but they play attacking football and they always try to win. Pikachu is a good player and for North-East of Brasil being in Libertadores has to be a complete priviledge and i think that overall they deserved it.

Brasileirao 8
Average 8

Palmeiras :Now people were pissed about them winning copa do libertadores and still i don't get why.
They slayed their group qualified deservingly until semifinals and then they were more cynic than mineiro in the semifinal,because Abel ferreira is maybe better in eliminations game rather than super long competitions. In the final Palmeiras was better than Flamengo to me and I'm super happy they won. And actually they won back to back this competition, so they must be doing something right.
In brasileirao they started good then dropped form then made lot of winnings and then dropped points again, they were irregular, but then with their under 20 they got 4 out of 6 points putting Cuiaba in danger of rebaixamento. So i think this was a very good season from palmeiras

Brasileirao 8
Copa do libertadores 10
Average 8

Sport Recife: I am really suprised they ended up being relegated. I mean recife reminds like one of those teams that you want gone but then it kinda stays up for some reason (like a mosquito), but I am still confused on why they aren't there. With legit 2 or 3 points lost in the last minutes they would have been 100% in fight to stay.
Mikael is good and same Hernanes, the rest is meh.
I am 95% confident next year they will be promoted.

Brasileirao 5
Average 5

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