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Who is winning Apr 6, 2024
#Eurovision this year?

And why it's Spain ?
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WHO TF IS Apr 6, 2024
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Daily reminder May 13, 2023
Do not vote Italy tonight

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sF2 OF May 10, 2023

Who wants to start a circle praying for miss Albina??

If she and her family go home, my heart will be broken
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Predictions Esc 2023 sf 1 May 9, 2023
The Netherlands

Hopefully I'm wrong :( cause Portugal needs to qualify
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We need to start a circle Mar 12, 2023
#Loreen must not win EUROVISION. Not this year, with all of the out of the box entries we have this year.
Don't make you fool because it's Loreen. It's a SONG contest, not a SINGER.
This year the winner should be Finland (even if i don't like the song) /Spain (Even if i don't like the song) or Czech.
Loreen can get 3rd 4th.
Europe show me you have evolved me in the last 5 years picking more ethnic/out of the box songs. Don't bring me down. This is gonna be an uphill battle but we can't fail this.

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