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Pokemon's Next Top Model Finale.

Dec 1, 2021 by LittleMix
Last week, the girls had to take a picture with a blank background, some girls showed they were able to shine without a background but unfortunately for space girl Mew she was unable to shine without one and was sent home.

Three finalists remain! Who will take home the crown?

Will it be electrifying girl Ampharos who was strong in the beginning of the competition but started to fall off. Will she be able to bring herself back and win the competition?

Will it be the elegant deer Xerneas who has consistently proven herself in the photoshoots but has lacked versatility. Will she be able to show that she's more than a one trick pony?

Or will it be the space bug beauty Pheromosa who in the past few weeks proven that she is a strong competitor, but has lacked being able to move her body. Will she be able to move her body enough to win the show?


16th: Aerodactyl
15th: Togedemaru
14th: Corsola
13th: Morpeko
12th: Volcarona
11th: Scyther
10th: Lopunny
9th: Bellossom
8th: Roserade
7th: Mismagius
6th/5th: Eiscue
6th/5th: Noctowl
4th: Mew

Hello! For the first part of the finale, you all had to take a Pokegirl Beauty Ad Campaign shot.

Judging Panel:
somebodyawesome biminibonboulash eestrada17 littlemix

Xerneas, let's see your best shot!

Jake: Xerneas this photo is perfect. You are selling Pokegirl in this photograph to a T. I am so proud of your progress throughout this competition!

Sim: yeah your face is BEAT and I love it. you look so soft and elegant, nothing to critique here.

Pheromosa, let's see your best shot!

Anthony:  I think for a face shot it's not good face, personally. We said this about the beauty shot week 1.

Sim: ugh queen, you missed the ball here I think, it's pretty but the other 2 brought their A game so it makes your pic underwhelming in comparison :(

Ampharos, you're up!

Jake: I think this picture is really pretty, I think what you did with it is really nice, however I think that you having your eyes closed here is an issue personally.

Erik: Super cute! Could've pushed it a little further.

3 beautiful girls stand before me, but I only have 2 photos in my hands. These two photos represent the two finalists who are still in the running towards becoming Pokemon's Next Top Model. As we know, the first name I will call is best picture and will be displayed in your home as digital art.

For the last time, the first name I'm going to call is..
Xerneas. Congratulations! You are our first finalist.

Will Ampharos and Pheromosa please step forward? I only have one photo in my hands, and this photo represents the girl still in the running towards becoming Pokemon's Next Top Model and will join Xerneas as a finalist!

Let's start with Ampharos. You are a huge surprise to me. When you came into the competition I didn't see the potential. You showed week after week you are stunning and have what it takes to make it. However, you make choices in pictures that don't make sense. The judges are worried that you are overthinking and getting carried away.

Then we have Pheromosa. The queen of little does more. You have some amazing pictures in this competition. You have the look of a model. You have the face of a model. You have the body of a model. But when you take pictures, it doesn't always show. You struggled both times we wanted beauty shots, and you've struggled a lot with moving your body. The judges are worried that you are more of a "catalog" model.

So who stays? The girl that overthinks or the girl that might just be a catalog model?

The last name I'm going to call is...

Ampharos. Congratulations, you are a FINALIST! We have seen you grow so much throughout this competition. Go ahead and take your place next to Xerneas.

Pheromosa, you have to go home and practice moving that body. You are absolutely stunning and you can go out right now and get a contract for sure, but I believe if you want to be a high fashion model you are going to have to practice a bit more. Thank you, Pheromosa.



Hello! For this last picture you took "Crowning Pictures". Essentially it was a freestyle picture to show off what you have learned in this competition.

Xerneas, let's start with you.

Anthony: you have shown grace and elegance throughout this entire competition. And every time we questioned your versatility, you gave us an answer. It was really breathtaking watching you throughout this competition.

Jake: Just stunning. You have been such a joy to watch this competition. Not being the most modelesque girl here you have proven so much here and I am so proud of you. This picture, is just incredible.

Ampharos, let's see your shot!

Anthony: you have grown so much while being here. You rose ahead of the pack and soared when no one saw you coming. You standing in the final 2 just shows your hard work and dedication. Really amazing job

Jake: You have taken some of the best pictures in this competition. I didn't expect it from you at ALL. You were such a pleasant surprise in this competition. This picture is beautiful. You are SELLING everything you've learned here.

Thank you girls for an absolutely amazing competition. You both have shown that you have what it takes. But only one can win. No matter what you are both so beautiful and have potential in loads. With that being said, the judges have deliberated and we have come to a decision.


Xerneas. Congratulations, you are Pokémon's Next Top Model!



what a great season! Xern def deserved this win !
Sent by biminibonboulash,Dec 1, 2021
Please LOL what is this and why didn’t I see it sooner
Sent by Kindred7,Dec 1, 2021
kindred7 the best thing ever
Sent by LittleMix,Dec 1, 2021
EVIDENTLY LittleMix - the commentary is so good LOL
Sent by Kindred7,Dec 1, 2021
kindred7 its better in the other episodes!
Sent by LittleMix,Dec 1, 2021

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